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There’s no running away from the fact that there has been a staggering increase in the number of people going gaga over fitness and fashion.

And why not? We’re all living in a social media-obsessed world wherein everyone wants to look their best. And with coronavirus having caused changes to people’s lifestyles the world over, it has taught us many lessons, especially that of keeping fit. Seldom will you find an individual who doesn’t want the perfect amalgamation of fashion and fitness. 

In this digital age, people use Google as their go-to place to find all kinds of information relevant to fashion. Therefore, it is fair enough to say that fitness blogs put themselves forward as a huge inspirational source when it comes to fashion and fitness. 

However, before you step foot in the industry, you need to acquire some knowledge from the best sources online. But wait right there! How do you find them? Well, fear not, as we’ve got your back. Here, we will shed light on the top 5 fashion fitness blogs that have compelled readers to follow their advice via their content. Read on till the end to find out more:

Nerd Fitness

Born in 2009, Nerd Fitness broke the fashion stereotypes and helped people understand the importance of embracing a healthy lifestyle. The founder, Steve Kamb, is still keen on helping people to become a better version of themselves by staying as fit as they can. Their blog is about offering programs that help people get rid of the extra pounds around their belly and build more muscle. The blog is staunchly focused on helping beginners figure out their slice of life. Just recently, the blog has become all the rage across the globe with the famous Coaching app that is designed to suit everyone. 

Lux You Lifestyle

As the name implies, the blog is the perfect combination of glamor, charm, and everything that makes you look your best. Inspired by real-life experiences, the Lux You lifestyle will blow away your mind. Here, beauty and fitness work hand in glove with each other. Plus, you also get to shop exciting footwear that will complement any outfit hanging in your closet. Furthermore, you experience some true forward fashion that has never been mentioned before. Many people have applauded Lux You in the past, since it has allowed them to think out of the box and see how beautiful life is, especially if they start working on themselves. Visit to find out about all the crazy stuff that’s going to change your physical and mental health for the better.

Fit Bottomed Girls

It’s currently being run by professionals Kristen Seymour and Jennipher Walters. Back In  2008, the two girls decided to change the world by inspiring the youth with some incredible ideas. The approach is simple: look hot and look your best, no matter what. The blog has bloomed ever since and continues to have an impressive fan base that still counts. They believe in embracing your curves and providing you with wellness routines to outshine everyone else. After all, everyone has to see the larger picture of life as well as embracing the day to day mind boggling exercises. 

Love Sweat Fitness

Founded in 2014, Love Sweat Fitness is all about helping women and making them feel more confident about themselves. What’s more intriguing about the fitness blog is it’s all about helping a community. The owner aims to inspire people by supplying valuable information that’s going to have a positive impact on their lives. The blog has diverse content regarding travel, health, lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, and printables. Plus, enriched with healthy food recipes, you’ll find incredible fitness challenges that are hard not to be take part in. So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to check out their blog, so you enjoy exercising whilst learning new, fun stuff. 

Jessi Kneeland

While chasing several fitness blogs, you must have heard of Jessi for sure. She’s a coach, speaker, and a writer, who is dedicated to helping people feel positive about their bodies and inner selves. Her blog has a clear perspective on everything, and she owns her narrative in every way. She’s here to help people struggling in various aspects of their life. She uses texts and videos to talk to the audience so they feel more confident and nothing less than their best selves. Her job is to help newbies find their path in the fitness world, so they can start working on themselves. 

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