How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree for Your Home

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and finding the perfect tree to light up our living room is a ritual that’s full of enjoyment for many of us.

However, with so many different Christmas trees available, it can be difficult to know which one is going to be right for your home and will maximise your festive display.

However, with our handy tips, finding the ultimate tree won’t be too difficult this year:

Decide on the Type of Tree

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree for Your Home

When it comes to artificial Christmas trees you aren’t just presented with different heights and shapes but lots of additional features too. Therefore, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with what’s available before you start shopping so you aren’t overwhelmed by all the choice.

For example, pre-lit trees are ideal if you’re not a fan of decorating your tree and they also remove the added hassle of having to untangle your fairy lights each year. These trees may also come with decorations included or may boast a contemporary design, i.e. a twig-style tree that’s minimalistic and elegant.

There are also flocked trees, which means the tree’s branches have been dusted in glitter or fake snow. This feature can really add to the overall enchantment of your tree – and also removes the need for as many decorations. Sometimes, they may even feature accents like berries and pinecones, providing the tree with a truly rustic, natural look.

Find the Right Height and Width

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree for Your Home

Another hugely important aspect is the tree size, which is why it’s crucial you measure the space you have for your tree before you buy it. You might think a 10-foot tree will look spectacular but there’s nothing more disappointing than finding out it doesn’t fit when it arrives! Try to leave enough room to manoeuvre around the tree, too, especially if you need to squeeze past it to get to the plug socket.

Go for Something Completely Different

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree for Your Home

Alternatively, if you really want to move away from traditions this year or you’re limited on space, you could ditch your Christmas tree altogether and opt for something that’s got even more wow factor. There are a number of companies offering hanging trees that feature exquisite decorations and lights. These don’t just create the same focal point as a Christmas tree does but they take up far less space and offer a quirky change to usual trees. You could even have one of these as well as your tree!

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