Pulling Together Your Perfect Wedding Theme

Rustic old barn decorated for wedding with fairylights and decorated tables

Planning a wedding can be excitement and stress in equal measures – but if you manage to nail down a strong theme then it can really help you pull together an event that you’re happy with.

We’re using the word theme loosely here: it simply means coordinating your colours, accessories and decor to create an overall look and feel for the event. Some people also choose to incorporate a motif such as a favourite flower or season.

Choosing your theme, together

It’s not uncommon for one partner to be more involved in the wedding planning process (probably the one who’s reading this article!), and that’s not a problem. However, you both need to feel as though this is your special day. Deciding on a theme together at the start can make sure both of you get input, and also means that you can make decisions individually while knowing that the final experience will be something you both appreciate.

Rustic wedding decorations with flowers and candles

Having a clear theme that you agree on can also help if you need to make compromises further through the wedding planning process, as it gives you a standard to revert back to. Consider whether you want a traditional, rustic, bohemian or more contemporary atmosphere. You might draw on classic aesthetics such as 1920s glitz and glam, or choose to do something more alternative. The most important thing is that it reflects the personality of both you and your future spouse.

Start with the basics

When it comes to actually creating your theme, some of the most basic elements will be most important. Simple things like the invitations you send out and the way you set the table will help to create a strong overall mood. Here are some different ways that you can use core elements of your wedding to reflect your theme.

Homemade wedding invitations
  • Invitations: this is the first taste that people will get of your wedding, so it makes sense to set the tone straight away. You can easily jazz up your invite by using coloured or scented paper and choosing an appropriate, eye-catching font. Even how you choose to address people – formally or more casually – will impact on how your event is perceived.
  • Food: the menu you offer and how you serve your food can also be inspired by your overall theme. Floral, spring weddings may choose lighter dishes that make use of seasonal produce. For a more informal, alternative style wedding, you could arrange things potluck style, with different family members bringing dishes. There are lots of options – try looking at other weddings for inspiration.
  • Decor: this is where your colours and aesthetic will be most apparent. It’s important to get the basics right, which means things like tablecloths and centrepieces. These items don’t need to be perfectly matching, but they should complement each other well and create the backdrop for your event.

Involve your wedding party

Your wedding party will be made up of your nearest and dearest, and they can help to bring your theme to life. This is particularly true when it comes to fashion: your bridesmaids and groomsmen can help create cohesion by wearing matching suits and frocks in your chosen colours.

Bridesmaids standing in corn field in short pink dresses holding  bouquets

This could mean choosing one outfit for everyone, such as knee length bridesmaid dresses that the whole party feel comfortable wearing. Or if you don’t want your bridal party to match perfectly, you could ask them to each find a dress they like that matches your theme.

Have fun with the details

Once you’ve got the basics in place, you can use some finishing touches to draw out the more exciting elements of your theme. A bold floral print, for instance, might be too much for the tablecloth but would work perfectly on the individual place cards.

Old fashioned cart used as a wedding sweet cart.

Bringing in these little details is a really good way to exercise some creativity and make sure the wedding has your personal stamp on it. Examples might include candles, personalised drink and tableware, a sweets cart or even a photobooth. These flourishes can also help to ensure that your guests have a great time, and remember your wedding as an excellent event as well as a celebration of your love.

While your wedding theme may seem like one more decision to make, it can actually take a lot of stress out of the planning process. It can also give you a chance to focus on your own tastes and personalities, rather than getting bogged down in wedding traditions that don’t necessarily feel right. Whatever you choose, we hope you thoroughly enjoy the day!

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