Dining Solutions For City Gardens

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No matter what size of garden you have, or where you are located, there is nothing quite so enjoyable as eating al fresco in the summer.

This is certainly something that people have come to appreciate over the course of the last couple of summers and is perhaps something that is here to stay. The garden has become so much more than simply a bit of outside space to enjoy. It has, for many people, become a true extension of our living space and somewhere that many families are keen to make better use of. Whether this has meant purchasing outdoor patio furniture and eating out whenever they can, growing vegetables or simply spending more time sitting in the garden enjoying nature, gardens have suddenly become so much more important.

Whilst the city garden may represent a smaller space, and offer a few challenges to homeowners, it is still the perfect outside space that can be great for dining in. If you are wondering what dining solutions might work best for your city garden, then read on as we look at some of the things you may want to consider. 

Think about accessibility

One key thing to think about when considering the city garden is the space you have to work with. Space in the city is at a premium and this means that houses are taller, footprints are smaller and therefore so are gardens. A small garden doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to dine outdoors, simply that you will need to consider how you use the space to its full potential. 

Metal and wooden bar stall table and chairs to fit small garden

Take a look at the space you are planning to use for your dining area and consider how many people are likely to be dining in your city garden. You will need to be able to seat everyone comfortably with enough room to pull chairs in and out at the table and also move around the table if you need to fetch things for your guests. 

Some shapes of table may work better than others. The surface area of an oval table will be slightly less than a rectangular one so you may find it gives you a little more space. Benches may work better than chairs as well. 


If you will be storing your outdoor furniture in your garden think about how you will store it. Folding furniture that can be moved out of the way and stashed securely could be a very practical choice. Likewise benches that can be stored under a table may be a better choice than chairs.

Cast iron green bistro set. Garden furniture.

If the outdoor dining is only for a couple of people, then you may want to consider a bistro set. These smaller tables and chairs are actually a great choice for a courtyard garden, and even a balcony. They can also be folded up for storing when not in use and are compact enough that they will fit into a small shed or could even be put inside your house, provided you have a bit of space for them. 

When your garden is on the compact side being able to store your furniture away can be a really important consideration as it will free up valuable space. 


If you are really tight for space, then a more traditional garden bench may be worth considering for your garden. It may not lend itself as easily to al fresco dining.

Garden bench surrounded by flowers

However, if you opt for a bench with an integrated table section then you could certainly enjoy things like sandwiches and easy to eat dishes in your garden. Plus, you will have somewhere to pop your drink whilst you enjoy your food. 

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