5 Trends For Home Flooring In 2019

5 Trends For Home Flooring In 2019

Interior design is, as with so many other areas of modern life, subject to change based on trends.

There are general interior design trends and then more specific trends relating to individual areas such as flooring.

Because flooring trends can be more specialised considering the vast range of flooring options that are available to consumers here are five flooring trends for the home.

Environmentally friendly flooring

5 Trends For Residential Flooring In 2019

Each year consumer awareness of environmental issues grows, and people are now looking for more environmentally friendly solutions and options in all areas of their life. Flooring is no exception and manufacturers are producing products to meet this demand.

One of the most common environmentally friendly flooring options is bamboo. This tree-like grass acts as a great alternative to traditional timber flooring. Bamboo is a fast-growing and sustainable material with many advantageous features, notably it’s very strong, durable and is available in a range of caramel colours as well a variety of earthy tones. Bamboo is also easy to install and maintain.

Other alternatives include cork and reclaimed hardwood, but bamboo is a material that will only increase in popularity going forward.

Large tiles

5 Trends For Residential Flooring In 2019

Tiles are a staple of home flooring and have been for decades, but advances in technology now mean tiles can be produced thinner which makes them easier to install. The thinner format also means tiles can be made larger without being so heavy they become unmanageable.

The advantage to larger tiles also means that flooring spaces can appear less crowded as fewer grout lines and joins between tiles will be visible. This gives the room a calmer feel and works well for minimalist design styles. It also increases the feeling of space within a room as fewer lines on the floor won’t draw as much attention. The other advantage to homeowners is that with fewer grout lines, flooring made of large tiles requires less maintenance.


5 Trends For Residential Flooring In 2019

This may seem very simple but no matter the material grey is always a great option when it comes to flooring for homes. Grey flooring comes in a vast variety of shades which means it can be matched to fit almost any room regardless of the wall or furniture colours.

A grey flooring theme can work through a home and depending on the room a variety of flooring options can be used. In a kitchen, grey vinyl flooring would be a great option as it allows for a wide range of choices when it comes to kitchen cabinets and worktops. It’s also easy to clean which in a kitchen is very useful as spills and drops of food are common. Other rooms in the house also benefit from grey flooring, particularly ones which are perhaps low on natural light, can be improved with light grey flooring.

Waterproof carpet

5 Trends For Home Flooring In 2019

Technology has progressed to the point where a waterproof carpet is now an option, and it can provide enormous benefits for use in houses. While installing carpet in bathrooms is still not advisable based on hygiene, waterproof carpet would work well in other rooms of the house.

The most obvious rooms that would benefit from waterproof carpet are ones where a liquid is likely to be spilt. A dining room or main living room where people are likely to have liquids that could spill would be great choices. Waterproof carpets can also be an excellent option for families with young children as the risk of spills can be high.

Wood – Herringbone or chevron

5 Trends For Residential Flooring In 2019

Wood floors are always popular and likely will always be popular. The advantage of wood flooring is the functionality regarding maintenance. However, new designs using lighter woods have brought styles like herringbone and chevron patterns into modern homes.

Wooden floors work well in hallways as the pattern in the flooring works well to accentuate the length of space. The range of options for wooden flooring is very extensive and as the colour of the wood can be matched with the style of the room.

For anybody looking to update the flooring in their home, there are some great options and the five above will be popular in 2019. Going forward the most important factor in choosing flooring is that it works in the home and fits the needs of people living with it every day.

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