How To Implement Decor In Large Spaces

Large bedroom, large bed, and large window, plus bedside tables. Decorated in pistachio, blue and pink

Successfully decorating a large room, is almost as big a challenge as it is to successfully decorate a small room, but luckily having to decorate a large room is a good problem to have, after all, who doesn’t want to have more space in their home?

When confronted with a large room, it may be a bit overwhelming for Décor newbies, especially if it’s a large, empty room. There’s nothing more intimidating than a large blank canvas, with so many different options available to you, it can be hard to know what choices to make with your design.

But once you’re over the initial fear of taking on the challenge of decorating your large room, you have plenty of fun ahead of you, with so much space to decorate, there’s plenty of room for you to freely express yourself in your large room’s design and décor.

Just remember, that the general rules of interior design will still apply to you, a poorly decorated large room won’t look any better than a poorly decorated small room. If you leave too much space the room will feel cold and empty, but if you go overboard, your room will look cluttered and messy.

So how can you get the perfect balance and successfully decorate your large space? Let’s find out!

Furniture Arrangement

When you’re decorating any room, the positioning of your furniture is key to, this is even more important when you’re decorating a large space, furniture serves as the basis for the room’s layout and will effect where attention is drawn in the room.

Large living room with dining table and large sofa dividing the room

When decorating a large room, it is good to use furniture to create smaller spaces and areas within a room, in order to evenly spread attention and make efficient use of space. An example of this would be segmenting a living room into a TV watching area (TV Unit & Two Sofas), a reading nook (Armchair, Coffee Table & Bookshelf) and a gaming area (Desk, Gaming Chair).

Use Vertical Space

In a large room, with high ceilings, it is important to make use of the vertical space in the room, otherwise you’ll notice that your walls feel empty and your décor is cluttered towards to bottom of the room in question.

Large bedroom, vaulted ceiling with wood beams and chandelier.

So, when decorating your large room, you should make use of décor elements that can make use of your vertical space. You’ll have lots of options to choose from but popular ways to fill your vertical space would be: large art prints, tall houseplants, wall mounted storage units or by painting a mural on one of your walls.

Multiple Light Sources

In a big room, lighting is important, if you’re only relying on natural light from your windows and a ceiling light, you’ll find that some parts of your room will be well lit, whereas other areas will be dark and dim.

Large white kitchen with island. Overhead lighting, recessed lighting and undercupboard lighting

So, to evenly light your large room, you should look at adding in supplementary light sources, so that your room is evenly lit, you should look at floor lamps, table lamps, wall mounted lighting and LED strip lights which can all be used to ensure your whole room is lit. Also, being too dependent on natural light can cause some issues, so it’s best that you shade your window with some large blinds when decorating to get a feel for how the room looks without natural light.

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