Sash Window Decoration

Sash Window Decoration

Sash window decoration will significantly improve the lifespan of wooden sash windows if the correct method and procedures are followed.

Decoration is important for a number of reasons, not just for aesthetics, it’s the basis for maintaining quality and condition and will ensure your sash windows are able to last a lifetime.

With that in mind, preparation, paint selection, and correct application are the most important factors for sash window decoration.


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When preparing your sash windows you must ensure that all loose debris is removed from the frame and sash. This is important when applying primer, as it will provide a solid base for the primer to adhere.

Without a doubt this is the biggest and most common mistake made regarding sash window decoration – not enough time is put towards ensuring correct surface preparation.

Loose putty must also be removed and replaced, as putty that is not sealed to the glass will provide a point of entry for water to enter, which will accelerate the woods rotting process.

Between each coat of paint enough time should be allowed for the paint to sett firmly. Once fully cured paint can then be lightly sanded. This is all keying.

Keying provides a solid base for each layer of paint to bond to. With each coat of paint bonding to the next, it becomes clear just how important it is to have a well prepared surface before applying primer.

When preparing the window make sure that any cracks are filled with an epoxy resin, as weak points will allow water to pool.

Paint Selection & Materials

Sash Window Decoration

This part of sash window decoration is easy to achieve as any quality DIY store or paint outlet will stock the following:

⁃ 5 Star Cuprinol Preservative.

⁃ Dulux Weathershield Primer.

⁃ Dulux Weathershield Undercoat.

⁃ Dulux Weathershield Gloss.

When you find timber exposed, treat with Cuprinol Five Star first and allow to dry. This will kill any wood decaying fungi within the timber grain, and will also stop any possibility of rot setting in the near future.

Dulux Weathershield range is expensive in terms of price per litre, but considering the lifespan of paint, coverage, quality, and the fact that it will last up to twice as long as cheaper alternatives makes it the biggest bargain and best tip for sash window decoration.

Correct Application

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When applying paint there are several factors that would considerably extend the lifespan of the paint and windows. Correct application would be one of these, as it can make your paint decoration last approximately three years longer.

Curing time of each layer of paint and keying as previously mentioned is also vital for a long lifespan. Do not attempt to cover the wood in one coat, as gloss will run easily, and if the coat is too thick it will not cure properly ever.

If you’re unsure on the correct procedure or don’t have the time to follow the correct application and procedure, you might want to consider contacting a sash window decoration specialist such as London Sash Windows.

This company operates in London and surrounding areas providing high quality sash window repair, draught proofing, and sash window decoration to period properties.

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