In The Eyes Of The Animal – Marshmallow Laser Feast

In The Eyes Of The Animal – Marshmallow Laser Feast (London based design studio).

We all see things differently, but from species to species the difference can be remarkable.

Scientist understand a great deal about the vision of many different species. Although imaging their view of the world with an entirely different set of eyes is often beyond our imagination.

Brought to my attention due to winning the ‘Innovation in Experience Design’ at the Wired Audi Innovation Awards 2016, Marshmallow Laser Feast have created a mesmerising, awe-inspiring, and truly immersive virtual reality world, enabling viewers to experience the world as a midge, a dragonfly, a frog and then an owl.

Wired Audi Innovation Awards 2016 Judge Henry Stuart, co-founder of VR studio VISUALISE stated that –

“In the Eyes of the Animal was one of the most unique, and stunning pieces of VR work out there, truly blending artistry with technology,”  “It’s a surreal, sumptuous experience that puts design at the forefront and is memorable in a sea of mediocre VR.”

To experience more amazing videos by Marshmallow Laser Feast go here.

And to experience a more interactive version of the ‘In The Eyes Of The Animal’ click here.

Members of the public are enjoying more and more immersive art, digital, and theatrical experience. If you have taken part and enjoyed an immersive experience please let us know at LondonDesignCollective about your experience in the comments below.

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