Reason To Change Your Garage Door Design

Reason To Change Your Garage Door Design

If you are a property owner that is looking to make some improvements to your home then one of the key areas of the exterior that is most commonly overlooked is the garage door.

By this we mean what could otherwise be an extremely desirable home can sometimes be brought down in terms of appearance by keeping that drab and rather tired looking garage door in place.

With this in mind if your home could benefit from a quick fix facelift then read on to find out the many reasons to install a modern garage door design.

Improving the Aesthetic Appeal of the Property

Reason To Change Your Garage Door Design

Whilst garage doors are not the most interesting of topics to think about they play an important role for the homeowner and will often form a large part of the front or side elevation of your home. For example they need to provide security and practicality as well as adding an interesting statement to the entrance of the building.

So regardless of whether you are considering moving home in the near future and need some added kerb appeal or simply want to make the home have a more desirable frontage the installation of a new garage door in a style detailed below will go a long way towards achieving the look you may desire.

Types of Garage Doors

  • Sectional garage door – Constructed from individual panels this style of door rises vertically and hinges back inside the garage when opened (the panels are supported using steel tracks suspended from the ceiling of the garage).
  • Roller door – Available in a cheap single skin design and a more expensive insulated option. In both cases the door features the same space saving design that enables the maximum amount of internal storage space to be achieved inside the garage.
  • Side hinged – Constructed from 2 equal size panels, the doors swing outwards onto the driveway and are operated like an internal hinged door.
  • Up & over – Perhaps the most common of all designs a single piece canopy door lifts up and retracts back inside the garage along steel tracking.

Regardless of your preferred style of door the most important aspect of choosing an appropriate design is it’s appearance. To achieve the best results simply take inspiration from existing architectural features such as arched windows, decorative fascia boards or even the driveway gates.

Increase the Value of Your Home

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It is a simple fact that the more desirable and well maintained the property is the more it is likely to achieve its maximum selling price (should you be looking to sell the home).

In fact when you consider that the added value will far outweigh the investment costs a new garage door can start to prove a very interesting investment for any money savvy homeowner looking to get the maximum return on their investment.

Reduced Service and Maintenance

In many instances a garage door will spend its entire life without getting some much as a second thought about giving it a service. In fact the only time a homeowner thinks about the door and how it works is when it fails to open and close.

This is something that simply does not make sense as they are a heavy object that you walk beneath and as such has the potential for causing injury or death.

For this reason if your door is old, worn out, stiff to operate or has fallen off its runners now is the time to upgrade to a modern low maintenance design such as the Gliderol single skin roller door.

If your budget can allow for a premium quality product, Seceuroglide roller garage doors are an even better choice due to the fact they require no lubrication, have minimal moving parts and feature a hardwearing paint finish that is designed to prevent rust from appearing meaning they will provide years of trouble free operation.

Improved Energy Efficiency

With energy prices at an all time high it has never been so important to ensure the home is as energy efficient as possible. As such if the garage is adjoined to the main part of your dwelling you will find that heat is escaping out the garage opening at an alarming rate.

Although you can’t see the heat loss you may find that rooms next to or above the garage are always a few degrees colder than the rest of the house. To counter this, the installation of a thermally efficient insulated garage door will undoubtedly help to combat this problem.

Improved Security

Reason To Change Your Garage Door Design - Image From The Telegraph

Compared with your traditional garage door that may only feature a single locking point a modern design has security inherently built in as standard which means they are far better at protecting your valuables against criminals, vandals and trespassers.

With many doors now featuring multi point locking systems, reinforced bottom rails and integral alarms some manufacturers can now boast a Police and insurance approved rating making them an excellent investment if you have a high value car, bike, or power tools and happen to live in an area riddled with crime.

In closing, there are many reasons to upgrade your garage doors for a modern design and when you consider they only need replacing once every 20 years there really is no longer any kind of excuse to retain that ugly, dilapidated model you currently have.

So take a look online or speak to a local installer and you could be enjoying all the benefits discussed above for much less than you may imagine.

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