London Gardens – Winter To Summer

Gardens - Winter To Summer - Buckingham Palace

Acres of land filled with ornamental statues, rare plants, buildings bigger than most homes protecting tropical and rare plants – what’s not to love!

London has many popular gardens and parks, some belonging to the royal family, and a large amount open to the public to enjoy.

Each garden must take a lot to look after and an experienced, dedicated team to maintain the grounds and keep the plants healthy.

Kew Gardens

Gardens - Winter To Summer - Kew Gardens - Images Via Flickr - By Sue Lowndes, Paul Gravestock, & Ashley Coates
Image Source: 1, 2, 3.

Kew Gardens is a favourite of many due to its collection of over 30,000 different plants on show inside and outdoors in the gardens. The image above shows Temperate House in the snow, the Palm House in spring, and the Prince of Wales Conservatory in summer.

The Queen Mary’s Garden

Gardens - Winter To Summer - Queen Mary's Gardens - Images Via Flickr - By James Offer, Garry Knight & Tom Ayres
Image Source: 1, 2, 3.

The Queen Mary’s Garden sits inside Regents Park, and according to the Telegraph is one of the most romantic spots in London on a summers evening.

Gardens are not only beautiful places for us to enjoy the flora, but all the fauna too. We’re not all lucky enough to have black swans, as are seen in Queen Mary’s Garden, but we can equally enjoy foxes, birds, hedgehogs and an array of other animals on our doorsteps.

Kensington Gardens

Gardens - Winter To Summer - Kensington Gardens - Images Via Flickr - By Hannah Swithinbank, Paul-in-London, & Peter Albion
Image Source: 1, 2, 3.

Kensington Gardens used to be part of Hyde Park, but is now known in its own right. If you find you enjoy gardening for not only the beauty of the plants and wildlife, according to you can also learn how to grow fruit and vegetables from their own allotment.

We’re not all blessed with acres of land, but the enjoyment we receive from watching our gardens transform from season to season is priceless.

The infographic below by Rattan Direct is really helpful if you’re inspired by the gardens above and looking to enjoy and benefit from your own garden, as it shows which plants, animals, fruit and vegetables you can expect to see depending on which time of the year it is.

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