Breitling Watches: What Makes Them So Sought After?

Breitling Watch - Image from Beaverbrooks

In the world of watches, Breitling remains one of the most popular brands across the globe today.

According to The Financial Times, “Breitling’s annual revenues surged to an estimated SFr680mn ($730mn) in 2021 – an increase of 55 per cent over the past two years”. 

Not only this but “Breitling’s volumes had increased from 140,000 watches a year to 190,00 over the same period and that its market share had increased by 0.4 per cent”. 

So what exactly makes them so popular? Here, we explore what makes Breitling stand out from the crowd and why they are such a beloved watchmaker. 

Superior Swiss craftsmanship

Since 1884, Breitling has utilised their exceptional skills to create the finest Swiss timepieces. They are world-renowned for creating watches of superior quality and precision and have rigorous quality control techniques in place. 

Each of the watches in the Breitling collection features a “Made by Breitling” label to show wearers that their timepiece is of the impeccable standard that the brand is known for. It signifies over 100 years of skill and know-how.

Robust and reliable movements

Breitling watches are extremely robust and reliable. They are made to accompany adventurers on important missions on land, at sea and in the sky – and can therefore endure even the harshest environments. 

Their cases are cleverly designed using durable materials like stainless steel and titanium that can withstand intensive use. Plus, their movements are extremely dependable, meeting stringent testing criteria that guarantee reliability. For example, their SuperQuartz movement is certified by the COSC – with an accuracy rate of 99.99%. 

Enduring legacy and reputation

Breitling has an impressive reputation in the watchmaking world, crafting innovative timepieces for the likes of divers, astronauts, racing car drivers and pilots.  

The brand has had a long-standing connection with the world of aviation since the creation of its first aviator watch in 1936. With features such as luminescent numerals and rotating bezels, these revolutionary watches have proved incredibly popular in the aviation industry for decades.

Yet it’s not just their aviation expertise that has earned them a reputation as one of the best watchmakers – they also have a stronghold in the diving industry. Their creation of the iconic Breitling Superocean in 1957 saw the brand conquer the submarine world, providing divers with high performance chronographs that would aid them in their underwater adventures. 

Their innovative spirit, superior craftsmanship and trailblazing designs have built Breitling a reputation as one of the best watchmakers in the world. Which of the impressive Breitling watches would you invest in? 

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