8 Hot Wood Flooring Trends For 2017

8 hot wood flooring trends for 2017

With the first half of 2017 almost coming to an end, we would like to consider the progress we have all made.

Have we gone through with these long-awaited improvements? Well, perhaps not all of them, but we have plenty of time to finish successfully what we have started as an ideas and motivation in our heads by the end of the past year.

With that being said, the urge for a positive change is ever so stronger when summer equinox has arrived. Do you feel it? Do you feel inspired and motivated?

It is the natural instinct to adopt the renewal of our environment and introduce it to all parts of life we are not happy with.

Our homes need to get cleaner, and fresher and a lot more comfortable and cosy. The balance and harmony of everything surrounding us is what also brings peace of mind and declutters the small or big mess that everyone brings within to some extent.

This might surprise you, or not at all, but improving your environment, your home, is a lot more meaningful and important than it may look on the surface.

8 hot wood flooring trends for 2017

With that being said, what better time to initiate a home improvement project than summer, right? It is about time to start a dream and plan big, but also invest your budget in something that will bring happiness and no regrets.

To be honest, there is nothing better to come up with than a good old wood flooring restoration project!

Of course, you can always start a floor sanding project with a London based company and get rid of all those scuffs and scratches driving you crazy for the past year… or a few years!

However, what about the fact that you are already sick and tired of  looking at the same old wooden floor for such a long time.

In fact, a wood flooring renewal or replacement project is a pretty costly one and not an impulsive and light-hearted decision you can make easily.

However it is often a much-needed one and investing in your home improvement project could definitely be considered as an investment well-spent.

So if you’re passionate about getting your home projects finished this summer, let us share our research on this year’s hottest and freshest trends linked to wood flooring!

8 hot wood flooring trends for 2017

Do you need to follow wood flooring trends? Well, not at all! As you can guess, trends come and go, but sticking to the trend wagon all the time is pretty hard to maintain, considering the fact that renewing the appearance of your home and your wooden floor is much more costly than changing your spring wardrobe!

However, wood flooring trends definitely last from season to season and fit in well with a dynamically changing interior design world – renewing the appearance of your wooden floor can be enjoyed for plenty of time.

Finally, who says that wood flooring trends are here to be strictly followed? You can look at a theme as a suggestion or recommendation. enjoy top tips from interior designers and wood flooring professionals around the world, then make up your own decision.

After all, wood flooring trends are here to inspire, not to limit and the best way to explore and introduce them to your own home is by finding the one that suits your personal taste and preferences.

With that being said, today we are going to introduce you to the top 9 wood flooring trends for 2017, take a look, and feel inspired.

8 hot wood flooring trends for 2017 - Engineered Wood White Washed Floor

  • Whitewashed – Perhaps you’re familiar with these trendy tones, because it’s been around for quite some time and now it’s back to its peak in 2017. The trend is winning over fan’s hearts with a rustic and nostalgic charm and beauty. Furthermore, white wood looks amazing in almost all interiors you can think of, because of its simplicity and subtle beauty. However, white is definitely not a simple and boring option, because it makes a statement and suits modern, contemporary and retro-inspired interiors. What more can you ask for? Simplicity, elegance and the ability to make every room look more spacious, white washed wood flooring is definitely a must. In addition, today’s industry is offering many options in whites to choose from, therefore making it easier to find the one that suits your style the best. From crisp white to the softer, warmer and cosier shades and all the spectrum in between, white wood flooring is definitely here to stay – for a couple more decades!
  • Grey Stained – It may seem like a pretty odd option to you, but believe us, it has been extra trendy in the past few years and it is definitely on trend nowadays! You may guess it, but grey has become a pretty popular colour in the past couple of years, in fact, it has gained a pretty hardcore popularity (pun intended) in all its fifty shades! Besides reminding you of blockbusters, grey stained wood flooring has become the new black in the wood flooring world, because it turned out to be a classic, elegant and stylish option for contemporary and retro-inspired interior designs. Mostly inspired by the Scandinavian approach to interior design that is all about simplicity, decluttering and clean lines, grey wood floors provide you with a great base to work from that is neutral, but at the same time they can make a great statement. If you are drooling over this trend and consider it for yourself, we would recommend you grey UV oiled natural engineered wood. The UV filter added to your floor’s finish will help you prevent the original colour becoming faded or dull and will also help you enjoy your grey wood floor for a longer period of time!
  • Dark Wood Flooring – The dark tones are a classic choice in so many aspects, but is considered a very bold choice, as the colour can give the impression that the room is smaller than it is. However, black is a great shade you can play with and create some really special and eye-catching styles. Make sure to consider a finish with a UV filter added to the colour as otherwise it will start fading quickly due to sunlight exposure.

  • Combine Black & White – Mixing black and white is a classic combo, but a pretty innovative and contemporary one in the wood flooring world. If you’re keen on wood flooring with a twist and you want to spice up your interior making some serious statement style-wise, you can play around with both these elegant and simple shades to create a pretty unique and one-of-a-kind look for your floor. The classic options of mixing black and white include a dark boarder to frame the really light wood and this way you can also create different areas in your home. You can get even more creative and bold by trying the ombre effect by adding a little bit of grey.
  • Wide Boards – Many people try to stay away from the wide boards trend arising in the last few years, because they’re afraid that the wider the boards, the smaller their space is going to appear, but this is not quite the truth. Although wide boards can make rooms appear smaller and not that spacious, wider floorboards are actually a great option for more narrow areas like hallways, for example. Wide boards also can make shorter rooms seem longer. Play around with the size of your boards and you can achieve a really eye-catching and intriguing look even with classic colours and clean grades.
  • Dark Walnut – Back to the dark and dramatic trend, dark walnut is a great option if you want to bring in a lot of style, elegance and classic beauty to your home. Although we wouldn’t recommend this option for smaller rooms, because dark walnut can create a pretty intimidating and overwhelming ambience, it is still a good alternative for spacious rooms and open plan flats. You might be staying away from this wood species, because you think it is too expensive and wouldn’t fit your budget, but this is not quite the truth, because you can easily find some great quality walnut species floorboards on sale.

8 hot wood flooring trends for 2017 - Engineered Wood

  • Engineered Wood – It gained a lot popularity over the classic solid wood option not only because of its appearance (in fact, it looks the same as solid wood, when installed and comes in a great variety of wood species), but mainly because its functionality and long-lasting and hard-wearing power. Engineered wood is a man-made product, although made out of natural materials only. It’s also made in a way that makes it significantly less prone to the problems caused by humidity and moisture, that would be an issue to solid wood. This is achieved by the construction of the engineered wood consisting of lumber material layers glued together in a crisscrossed pattern.
  • Prefinished Wood Flooring – There is not much to say about this trend, since it’s pretty self-explanatory. We even cannot call prefinished floorboards a trend, because the great interest in this flooring option is provoked by its functionality and hard-wearing power. Prefinished wood flooring leaves the factory with an already applied finish that is usually very hard-wearing, long-lasting and often with an additional UV filter to reduce the impact of direct sunlight.


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