How to style your home to sell

How to style your home to sell - Ice Wharf / King's Cross - By George Rex

Interior design can be a way for you to really show your personality, but it can also be practical.

If you’re looking to sell your home, have you considered that the way you style it could influence a sale? You may have to make a few changes, but remember, you’ll be one step closer to your new home where you can really make your mark!

So, where should you start? Just take a look at the top tips below:

Go for light colours to enhance the feeling of space

How to style your home to sell - Green Living Room - Photograph by Damian Russell

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This is an easy one for you to guess I’m sure; when you use dark colours in a room, they absorb light and make it look smaller, while lighter tones are reflective and give a sense of light and space.

It’s an incredibly useful trick to know and you can find more ideas on how to make a room seem bigger here, but it’s hard to judge which colours to go for.

How can you stop it from appearing boring, and which colours will entice buyers? In the living area, go for earthy tones that make a space feel warmer, such as pale fudge, mint greens and griege.

Then, pick up certain elements in the room in bright colour, such as a lime or emerald green; it will complement your choice, and allow for a little personality. You can use this strategy in other areas of your home.

Make a statement

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Another way to turn your home into a quick sale is to think about what the buyer would want from your home. Does it have the potential to be a great open-plan space for entertaining? Does it have an incredible outside area that you’ve been neglecting?

Make sure when you style your home that you have a feature, something that will make your home really stand out from the rest on your street and neighbourhood.

If your garden space could use some TLC, then give it a spruce up and pick up some simple, modern furniture to show potential buyers how they could use the space.

Buyers are often lazy, and if you can show them that they don’t have to do any labour to make a space work for them, they’ll be happy to sign on the dotted line.

Speak to the experts

Don’t be afraid of getting an expert’s opinion when it comes to selling your home. On the one hand, you could ask interior designers in home stores for advice, but a great resource of information can often be your estate agent.

For example, Linley & Simpson Estate Agents in York have been selling homes in the Yorkshire area since 1997, so they know exactly what adds value to a home, the kinds of features and styles local buyers are looking for, and can give you advice on how you can improve your home. Look in your local area for well-established estate agents, and ask them for an opinion.

Do you have any other tips on how to style your home to sell?

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