New Lighting Trends in 2017

New Lighting Trends in 2017 - Image From The - Perch Light by Umut Yamac for Moooi

In much the same way as the fashion industry, interior décor and lighting trends are forever changing.

Refurbishing with the latest in home lighting, whether it be industrial style, retro, or geometric shapes, is the perfect way to jazz up your home’s interior. In this article, we look at some exciting new lighting trends for 2017.

Go geometric

New Lighting Trends in 2017 - Geometric Light - Image From Boca Do Lobo

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Whether it’s cylindrical, triangular, spherical or hexagonal, geometric shapes are the current lighting trend, working together with other interior geometric elements. For example, your home’s light fixtures can be geometric in shape and your lamps can have the same geometric patterns or shapes incorporated into their design.

Lighting designers are adding clever twists to familiar geometric patterns and incorporating these in new and exciting new ways. The trend is all about striking patterns and dramatic shapes. Chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, lanterns, and bath and ceiling lights, are all designed and crafted to take you to the cutting edge of interior design.

Wire mesh cage-like geometric light fittings are especially trendy right now, as are sophisticated chandeliers with rustic wooden frames and bronze hardware that contrast beautifully with a sheer champagne square shade. Although artistic in design, these fittings are also very functional, being able to illuminate the larger spaces in your home.

Mix and match

Another big trend with light fixtures and fittings is to mix your metals. The effect of combining different metals can be stunning, especially gold and brass. Mixed ring chandeliers, incorporating multiple tones of distressed gold, black, silver and bronze are a good example.

And since nickel and silver are now back in style, designers are mixing silver with brass and other metals to create one-of-a-kind light fixtures that really dazzle.

Not just clever but smart

New Lighting Trends in 2017

Lighting trends are not just limited to shades and frames but also bulbs – and the buzz in the industry this year is smart light bulbs. These ‘clever’ LED bulbs were introduced in 2016, and have already become a must-have for today’s modern homes. There are a number of distinctive styles, which include energy-saving fluorescents, bath lights, ceiling fans, flush mount ceiling lights, chandeliers and table and floor lamps.

Smart LED lamps have some great features. The colour of light they emit can be changed, and some even have built-in audio speakers. On top of all that, smart lighting has other unique aspects, such as time scheduling and automation, which can be controlled via your smartphone.

Retro is cool

New Lighting Trends in 2017

Much of today’s interior design incorporates retro and vintage elements, so it’s no surprise that this has been carried through to lighting. Edison-style bulbs add character to a home and blend perfectly with other interior elements.

Adding a vintage Edison bulb to any light fixture with exposed bulbs turns the ordinary into extraordinary. With their industrial-era inspired filaments and soft warm glow, these bulbs enhance the look of rustic, industrial, nautical and even modern style lights. Vintage Edison bulbs come in a wide range of styles, shapes and wattages.

LEDs lead the way

LEDs have already become incredibly popular, but since a reduction in price is in the offing, thanks to rapid innovations, they will surely dominate the lighting industry in 2017.

We believe that this will be the year that sees most people switch to LED lights. In many ways, they’re vastly superior to other bulbs, being longer lasting, environmentally friendly and incredibly energy efficient. The Energy Star qualification of LEDs is awarded to only certain bulbs that meet strict quality, efficiency and long-lasting criteria.

Modern yet efficient home lighting is key to quality interior design, and LEDs ensure that your home is appropriately lit, while at the same time retaining the elegance and style of the interior. When buying new light fixtures or making fundamental changes to your home’s lighting system, LED bulbs, or smart lighting, is the appropriate and highly fashionable way to go.

Warm terracotta, Rococo and Florentine designs

New Lighting Trends in 2017 - Chimney Clay Pendant Lamp - By Benjamin Hubert

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Although Rococo design is from the 18th century, golden cast brass light fittings with crystal pendalogues that create sinewy patterns on the wall are just as in vogue as they were then. And vintage Florentine gold flower bouquet chandeliers in naturally aged brilliant gold leafing make a stunning statement in a hallway or a high ceilinged dining room.

Another interior design trend for 2017 is the use of warm coloured materials like terracotta. This trend, popular in 1980s, is making a comeback but instead of traditional border tiles, natural matte finishes have now been introduced. Designers are also incorporating these warmer materials in light fixtures, examples of which are clay pendant lamps in terracotta colours that look terrific in a kitchen or bathroom.

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