5 Dining Room Remodeling Trends For 2022

Designer dining table and chairs. In white room with large arched windows

When Coronavirus hit the world in 2020, many countries implemented lockdowns, and people started adapting to the new normal.

Since going outdoors was no longer a feasible way to enjoy free time, many homeowners shift to spending more time indoors in the comfort of their homes. And since the dining room is one of the most critical areas in the house, many families have decided to remodel it. 

More than ever, families and friends are dining in their homes in recent times. For this reason alone, it’s wise to transform their gastro area into something comfortable and relaxing to make them stay. If you’re planning to execute a dining room renovation this 2022, it’s best to be aware of the rising trends.

Take a look at the dining room remodeling trend ideas below:

1. Bold Colours Combined With Wood 

For this year, some homes are not shying away from bold colours. In fact, premium paint is on the rise as dining rooms get splashed with colours and the interior design is incorporated with wooden dining sets and furniture.  

2. Nature-Inspired Decors 

As more and more of people’s time is spent indoors, they seek new ways to connect with nature. Hence, decorating the interiors with nature-inspired designs is definitely in for 2022. Using natural materials in your dining room allows families to feel like they’re having meals outdoors. It’s even possible for some homes to add another dining area to their porch or garden, to feel refreshed and breathe in fresh air. 

Dining room table and chairs on open kitchen

Whether you use marble or wood for your dining table, they can both be incorporated with other organic materials. Also, the tones and hues of the dining set can be complemented by nature-inspired colours and styles. Earthy elements like wood, clay, and stone can add more texture to the overall dining room theme.  

3. Sustainable Furniture 

This year and in the years to come, sustainability will be a common thread in all trends. This trend inspires most homeowners to be sustainable in designing their dining rooms. You can use salvaged wood for your dining table or even for your dining room floor to achieve this type of trend.

You can also go for rattan furniture, which will also look great with other elements in your home. Such sustainable materials are surprisingly sturdy, so you can expect them to last for many years. They’re an excellent investment indeed.   

4. White On White 

The next dining room trend is white-on-white. White can come in different shades, and you can play with them to produce a calming atmosphere in your dining room. Imagine combining solid white with beige, cream, ivory, pearl white, and so on. Colour palettes in white schemes require little attention, allowing the furniture’s materials and shape to take center stage. 

White kitchen with white dining table and dining chairs. Yellow tulips placed in glace vase in centre of table

A vintage dining table’s sculptural shape is brought to life this way. When you use different shades of white, the focal point becomes the dining furniture. If this is your goal, you can use this design. By layering white harmoniously, you can play with statement lighting or various furniture styles to tell a design story.

5. Multifunctional Dining Tables 

When designing rooms for your modern lifestyle, the functionality must be integrated with aesthetics. Modularity and minimalism are popular trends today, and having multifunctional dining tables allows you to follow the same path. 

Some of the best dining tables can be used for both dining and work purposes. You can complete the look with office chairs that can serve as dining chairs, with functional lighting that can also be used in doing tasks, to elevate your multifunctional dining table.   


This year, there will be more diversity in dining room trends than ever before. By knowing some trendy ideas mentioned above, you can turn your dining room into something fun and unique. Remember that it’s a place where you get to spend precious moments with your family, so it’s essential to turn it into a comfortable, relaxing, and aesthetically-pleasing home area.

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