How to create a masculine living space

How to create a masculine living space

Modern interior design has certainly had a definitive female focus, with neutral colour schemes, floral patterns and metallic details taking president.

Rewind to the 1950’s era and what we now refer to as a ‘man cave’ was known as the gentleman’s study. An area where the man of the house would unwind in his personal sanctuary, that would be outfitted with towering bookshelves; rustic furniture; and tasteful accessories.

Stereotypically, modern masculine décor lacks any streamline design. We envision mismatched furniture pointing to a really big TV and a collection of games consoles. But, masculine décor can be so much more than these stereotypes! It can be sophisticated, contemporary, and elegant.

Use these 5 design tips to formulate a macho living space, that is harmonious and inviting.


A strong colour palette is fundamental in masculine décor. For an uber-modern aesthetic, a monochrome design is timeless. Pair white walls with grey flooring for an airy feel, and add dark accessories, like black picture frames and furniture, to create a stark contrast. Veer away from feminine pastels and mix things up by adding in some jewel toned accents instead. Navy blue, Malbec red, and forest green will add an interesting dynamic to the room.


How to create a masculine living space

When it comes to furnishings, choose clean, tailored lines and heavy structures, crafted from organic fibres to emulate an image of strength and power. Industrial furnishings are popular in bachelor pads, as the combination of raw woods and metals appear effortless, whilst making a bold style statement, that won’t be dwarfed by that 60” flat screen.

The sofa anchors the living room and has a lot to answer for when it comes to the aesthetic of the space. The classic chesterfield sofa is as quintessentially masculine as it is British. For a modern twist on the traditional design choose a velvet or herring-bone fabric to add a softness to the structure and regulation of the craftsmanship.


Whilst soft blankets and throw pillows are typically feminine, when juxtaposed with dark wood tones and dramatic colour schemes, the additional textures are often necessary to add some warmth to the room. Functionality is key in any man-cave, so keep this at the forefront when settling on additional textures. Adding a cool grey blanket and faux fur pillows to a boxy couch will make it much more inviting and multifunctional – it now doubles as a napping area. Mixing natural materials like stone, reclaimed wood, brick work and soft wools adds visual interest, whilst maintaining the masculine feel.


How to create a masculine living space

Ambient lighting will work to set the mood and establish the character of your living space. Choose brassy tones, steering clear of too much bling. A metal, dome shaped, pendant light, otherwise known as ‘miners lamp’ is a good choice to fit in with the look and feel of the room. Low impact bulbs are much better suited than fluorescents, as the dim, golden glow will enhance the moody atmosphere.


It’s the personal touches that ultimately define a rooms character. Whilst men aren’t necessarily renowned for their sentiment, adding some nick-knacks will help to make the space feel homely and lived in. Strategically placed decorative items, indoor plants and even musty fragranced candles will pull the room together and establish the theme. Adorning bare walls with quirky artwork will speak for your personality. Art is a great way to pull colour into a monochrome design, but statement pieces should coordinate to ensure that the aesthetic is cohesive.

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