6 Classic Bedroom Design Ideas For Couples

Stylish light pink and grey bedroom

At some point in your relationship, there comes the moment of moving in together.

It’s not the easiest step to make, and some people need time to warm up to the idea. But when they finally agree, the couple can test the waters of their relationship in a domestic setting. When sharing a space together, it’s natural that your home will start reflecting its inhabitants.

It’s especially noticeable in the bedroom, which is your most intimate space. While designing it, you’ll want to make sure it’s perfect for both of you. You’ll find many exciting ideas online for your bedroom, but the classics include a big bed, a walk-in closet, and a light colour scheme. You could also add LED lights, incorporate your interest into the design, and create a reading corner.

Before you start designing, make sure that you’ve reached a middle ground with your partner, so both of you will be satisfied with the results. Below, you’ll find classic bedroom design ideas for couples that will suit the tastes of both of you.

Big Bed for Comfy Sleeping

A bed is the most critical element in your bedroom since you and your partner will use it literally every night, so it should be comfortable enough to guarantee a good night’s sleep. 

First, think about the size of the bed. It should be big enough for two people to sleep on comfortably without feeling like they’re on top of each other. 

If you wish to have some extra space, opt for super king size models. This will allow you to stretch out during the night and not feel cramped. Just remember to consider the size of the whole room, so your space doesn’t feel cramped with a too big bed.

In addition, always choose a mattress that fits both of you and suits your tastes. Some people like firm beds, while others prefer a softer surface. You can add a mattress topper if needed. Also, consider investing in high-quality, breathable sheets, a heavy blanket, and orthopedic pillows for a deeper and more relaxing sleep – for example, here, you can find the best adjustable pillow in Canada.

Light Colours for Relaxing Atmosphere

When choosing colours for your bedroom, stick to light shades to help you sleep better. Bright colours might seem more fun and interesting, but they won’t help you relax before bedtime. Light shades of blue, green, and gray are calming colours that will help you fall asleep more quickly and rest the whole night through.

Light bedroom with vase of eucalyptus and gypsophila

You could also create an accent wall in bright colours or bold patterns that will add some life to your bedroom design. But be careful not to make it too bright, as it could be too distracting. Alternatively, paint the rest of your walls in neutral tones and add accents with furniture or decor items.

Walk-In Closet for Your Wardrobe

If you share a closet with your partner, it might get a bit tight. This can even mean that you’ll have to compromise on what you keep in there to make sure that both of you have enough space for your clothes. Otherwise, looking for particular clothes you may need at the moment can become very irritating.

The best solution is to create a walk-in closet. This way, you’ll both have enough space for your clothes, footwear, and accessories. Add built-in drawers and shelves for storing your shoes and other objects. Another option is to build a separate wardrobe for each of you, but this will take up more space and cost more money.

LED Mood Lights for Romantic Atmosphere

Lighting fixtures are one of the most critical elements in your bedroom design. It’s often the last thing you think about when decorating your home, but LED mood lights will make a huge difference. You can add LED lighting in multiple places around your bedroom, such as under the bed, behind your headboard, or on the ceiling.

Modern stylish plywood bedroom with kigsize bed and LED lighting

Not only will your new LED lights make the whole bedroom look amazing, but they will also be instrumental. You can choose warm white lights that will make your room look cozy and romantic or cold blue lights that will relax you before going to sleep. If you want some visual effects while listening to music, this is a great idea to incorporate into your design.

Small Decorative Items That Reflect Your Interests

If you want to add some personal touches to your bedroom design, there are lots of small decorative items perfect for this purpose. They don’t necessarily have to reflect who you are as a couple; they can be just objects that mean something special for you as individuals.

For example, if one of you loves traveling, put pictures or souvenirs from your trips around the room. Or, if you both love sports and outdoor activities, hang sports jerseys above the bed or showcase some photos of your recent adventures on a hike in the woods, climbing a mountain. This way, you’ll be able to show off your interests while decorating your bedroom together.

Reading Corner for Your Favorite Books

Nowadays, we have so many distractions that take up our time and prevent us from relaxing. If you get to spend a lot of time at home with your partner, you’ll surely want a place where you can unwind and de-stress.

If you both love reading, you can create a reading nook in your bedroom – a perfect place to cuddle up together while you read at night. You can find cute bookshelves and a big soft armchair, or add a table with a lamp where you can put books and drinks.

You can also create a cozy reading spot by adding pillows to the floor. Just put them in front of the window so you can enjoy the natural light and give yourself a good view of the garden. Then, add some candles to create a romantic mood and help you relax before bedtime.


Your bedroom should reflect your personality and match the relationship you have with your partner. Some aspects such as a big bed, sufficient storage, or appropriate paint will stay the same no matter your personal preferences regarding the interior. After all, your bedroom should be a place where you can rest and recharge your batteries.

Get ready to spend some money if you want to make your room look stylish and impressive! Once you’ve come up with some basic ideas for your design, start gathering more ideas online and discuss them with your partner. When you’re both happy with the final results, you can move on to creating a list of all the things that you need to buy. Good luck!

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