7 Décor Elements Every Stylish Living Room Needs 

Stylish living room with large cozy grey L shaped sofa. Large windows and cement feature wall

Some people consider their living room to be the heart of the house. It’s where members of the household can spend quality time with each other and host loved ones.

What’s great about this room is that you can style it in many ways to set the ambience and use different elements such as furniture, lighting, and art pieces to make the living room more stylish. These must-have decor elements can transform your living room into one of decadence. 

If you are thinking about redecorating your living room, here are some décor elements you may want to think about. 

1. Floral Patterns 

If your living room has a minimalistic feel and you want to give it a facelift, you can change the space with floral patterns. 

Florals provide the room with a more contemporary yet homey feel.  You can also buy sofas in solid, muted colour tones and then add floral scatter cushions to accentuate the minimalistic feel of the room. Purchasing floral curtains or placing a vase of flowers as a centrepiece on the coffee table is a great way of adding a floral touch too.  

2. Metallics 

Metallics can be very flexible and should not be limited to just hard surfaces like furniture. 

Grey sofa with metallic cushions

You can invest in some metallic shade curtains, which will bring in an air of chic and sophistication. You can also find metallic cushion covers in the style of your choice. If you only want metallics on the furniture, centre these pieces against a monochrome background or solid colour so that they stand out.   

3. Contrast Green With White 

Playing with two-toned prints and colours can make the room feel more cohesive. 

The colours green and white can complement each other very beautifully. These two colours make the living room feel fresh, modern and energised. If you pair the green and white design elements with clean white walls or white centrepieces, it can give the room a more contemporary style. 

Adding indoor plants will give the room more life when working with green and white colour schemes. 

4. Bold Wallpapers 

If your design taste leans a little more to the exciting and adventurous side, then you will love playing around with bold wallpaper for the living room. 

Wallpapers come in many colours and styles, with choices ranging from the entire cast of your favourite cartoon show to more mature delicate patterns that can accentuate your furniture. Whichever style you choose, this option workss best, especially if you are not ready to re-paint your existing living room walls. 

5. Artwork 

Using artwork to centre the room will highlight its focal point. 

Stylish white living room with matching emerald occasional chairs

A centrepiece can uplift the living room’s ambience and make a room feel complete, which helps a lot, especially if you don’t have much furniture. You can also get paintings with bold strokes or sculpted pieces to make a space feel fuller. If you prefer framed photographs, the best place to hang them is above the sofa, over a mantle, and close to a window.  

Choose from monotone prints or textured art to complement or contrast the other pieces in the room. You can also use art pieces that have a more reflective surface to enhance the light in the living room. 

If you want the room to feel more nostalgic, you can also put up any sentimental or heirloom pieces, either on the wall or any shelves you may have put up.

6. Lights 

Chandeliers can make a room feel very grand, no matter its size. It can also produce ambient light. Ambient light is diffused in the background, which is ideal in setting the mood for those intimate get-togethers. It also adds an air of sophistication to the room. 

When deciding where to install lighting fixtures, consider the distance between light sources so as not to overwhelm and flood the room with too much light. 

7. Design Symmetry 

When you use symmetry while decorating your living room, it creates a balanced and calm feel. You can do this by placing mirrors, furniture or artwork parallel to each other or on opposite ends of the room. 

If you want to create symmetry with paintings, you can also put them above the couch. A great look when styling an oversized sofa is to place an identical side table on either side of the couch.  


You are in control of what you want your guests to feel when they enter the living room by using stylish design elements such as lighting, wallpaper, art or metallics, among others. They can transform the living room’s ambience into one of sophistication and class. By creating an ambience, your guests will be able to relax, and your family will have a comfortable space to unwind in the house.  

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