7 simple ideas to modernise your home

7 simple ideas to modernise your home - Image From MillWoodDesignerHomes

This time of year we begin to think about starting afresh – including within the home.

Many people seem happy to make DIY an all-consuming passion; however, many others simply lack the time, money or inclination to make such a big job out of revamping a residence.

And, thankfully, it isn’t necessary to make sweeping changes to your home if you want to garner a much more positive impression.

Here are just a few straightforward ways of modernising your home.

Make open space

7 simple ideas to modernise your home - Image From MillWoodDesignerHomes

An open floor plan allowing the kitchen, dining room and family room to share the same vast space is highly desirable among homeowners.

However, you don’t have to tear out walls to make your home look more spacious. Instead, you might be able to dispose of big, bulky furnishings or readjust where particular pieces of furniture are placed, suggests Freshome.

Let there be – more – light

As a room can look more open and welcoming when it is brightly lit, it could be worth strategically illuminating a previously dimly lit room by placing tall floor lamps in its corners. You could then put lamps on the side tables and so bring an even more cosy and welcoming feel.

Replace worn handles and knobs

As this is a wonderfully straightforward thing to do in your kitchen and bathrooms, you are unlikely to have a sufficiently good excuse not to do it. You can choose from many finishes for your new handles and knobs – bronze, aged copper and brushed nickel are just some examples.

Dress your windows

7 simple ideas to modernise your home - Image From MillWoodDesignerHomes

It’s common for homeowners to forgo decorating their windows, leaving them bare or just putting simple blinds in place… and that can be just due to indecisiveness.

However, we would advise you to experiment with different styles for window dressings. Geometric curtain panels and minimalist bamboo shades can be good choices. If you are still unsure what to go for, try matching your walls’ colour to that of your curtain panels.

Make an outdoor room

If you are running out of space, expanding outside can be a surprisingly viable option. You could, for example, make a “room” by laying down an outdoor rug, before adding some nice chairs, cushions and string lights. You could even place some flagstones or brick pavers on the ground.

Don’t neglect landscaping

Your landscaping efforts don’t have to end with planting one or two trees. Landscaping can pay particular dividends with a traditionally designed home in the country – and Millwood Design Homes is one company that can build precisely that kind of residence for your benefit.

Give your bathroom a spruce-up

7 simple ideas to modernise your home - Bathroom Image From MillWoodDesignerHomes

Considering how easily bathrooms can gather dirt, it might be wise for you to thoroughly clean your bathrooms before overhauling them.

However, once that cleaning job is complete, you could more easily spot outdated fixtures, including knobs, taps and shower curtains.

Both replacing these items and giving your bathroom a fresh lick of paint can go a long way towards modernising the space’s appearance. You don’t need to tear out walls, cabinets or sinks in the process.

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