The Long-Lasting Traditions Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day heart, note and fairy lights

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for thousands of years. Countries all over the world mark this day of love in their own unique way. There are certain traditions the UK follows each year, with partners all over the country happily declaring their love for each other. Which Valentine’s celebrations have stood the test of time?

Love Letters

When you look back over history, you will find lovers sending letters to one another. From writers and artists to leaders and royalty – even the most powerful, prominent, of people can’t help but succumb to sharing their feelings. Valentine’s Day has always played an important part in letting people share their feelings – from happy couples to singletons who harbour a secret soft spot for a certain someone. These days, we’re more likely to send a card rather than a letter. You can send your loved one a Valentine’s Day card to keep the tradition alive. 

Sending Flowers

When you think of Valentine’s Day, your mind most likely jumps to flowers and chocolates. Let’s start with flowers first. This tradition goes back to the Victorian era. This was a time where floriography (the language of flowers) blossomed.

Bunch of red roses with wooden heart

Victorian suitors would send bouquets to their love interests. Roses were most commonly used. Did you know that the colour of a rose has meaning? Red is associated with love and passion, white is innocence, and pink is sweetness.

Boxes of Chocolate 

We’ve also got the Victorians to thank for the tradition of Valentine’s boxes of chocolates. It was a bigger decision back then than simply browsing supermarket offers. Chocolates were associated with courtship and sex. The suitor would pick his box of chocolates to show the lady he was interested, but it was also a chance for him to show off his taste and style. Plus, the more money spent suggested stronger feelings. Did you know the first heart-shaped box of chocolates was invented here in the UK? By no other than Robert Cadbury. 

Teddy Bears

Another common occurrence during this time of year is teddy bears. How do these cuddly toys become associated with Valentines’ Day? There is not a specific moment in time to point to when bears started to be sold for February 14th. However, they are symbols of love and protection.

Cute Teddy Bear holding a red rose.

Bears are fiercely protective over their loved ones, so a teddy bear can act as a softer, cuddlier, version of this. Soft toys are a timeless Valentine’s gift and it’s likely they’re going to be around for the foreseeable future. 

While it’s lovely to use Valentine’s Day as a chance to spoil your partner, remember the most important thing is telling them how much you love them. Do you and your partner have any of your own Valentine’s Day traditions?

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