Achieving Luxurious Style With Stone Resin Bathroom Basins 

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Have you heard about Stone resin bathroom basins?  They are fast becoming the most popular choice when wanting to achieve a sleek and stylish look for the bathroom.

It’s only when you touch a stone resin bathroom basin that you really appreciate how cool and crisp they feel. It’s this finish which produces clean edges and smooth surfaces; a finish which is unachievable on a standard ceramic bathroom sink.

Stone Resin basins are the bathroom designer’s choice and the must have in luxury hotels and new build homes and apartments but it’s not always easy to achieve the designer look you want and there are so many do’s and don’ts when planning a new bathroom.  We have found this great post, which gives hotel inspired bathroom ideas for the family home.

The choice of bathroom basins has increased vastly over the years and supply from across the world has become far easier. From the stable ceramic sink and toughened glass basins to limestone and cement sinks becoming more popular too. This post explains how you can create that modern, luxury feeling in your bathroom.

So here’s why you should consider stone resin for your bathroom.

Colour, Shape and Sizes of Stone Resin Basins

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The colour of a stone resin basin is controlled by adding pigments during manufacture.  It is this process which gives the basin a consistent and true colour. A colour which is then standard throughout the basin both externally and internally.

Due to the mallability of stone resin, the manufacturers are able to create some wonderful bathroom basin designs with unusual and creative features including such things as built in towel apertures, discrete waste plug covers and internal storage shelves which are all incorporated in a one-piece basin.

The clever designs extend, not only to the features of the basin, but also the sizes and shapes available; from large round countertop basins to the narrowest wall hung for the smallest of cloakrooms, there really to suit everyone and all with the smooth finish expected from a stone resin basin.

Some of the more unique designs can come in a wall hung version and as they can be lighter in weight than their ceramic sized equivalent, this is yet another reason why the stone resin basin is a preferred bathroom basin choice, especially, if you are looking for a wall hung basin to be fitted to a stud wall.

But what is Stone Resin made from we hear you ask?

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Stone Resin or you may have heard it called Solid Surface, is a composite material made up of a combination of particles of marble, acrylic resin, pigments and other material, which make it a non-porous material.

As stone resin is a cast material it can be shaped and smoothed to produce fabulous curves and equally precision straight edges which works wonderfully on any shape of bathroom basin. It is also durable, repairable and renewable. So altogether a great choice of material for a bathroom, cloakroom or ensuite basin.

How to clean Stone Resin Basins

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A stone resin basin should be water resistant and equally as important, stain resistant.  To keep the sink looking clean, white and free from hard water limescale build up, any bathroom basin should be rinsed out with soapy water after use and patted dry to remove any excess water.

Bathroom Basin Accessories

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The neutral white finish of a stone resin basin compliments most tap, waste and bottle trap finishes including chrome, black and even cooper.

The versatility and variety of the stone resin bathroom basin along with its durability and design longevity means that this range of bathroom basins are hands down winners for us.

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