4 Reasons Sliding Wardobe Doors Are Better Than Hinged

Designer bedroom with cliding wadrobe doors

More and more in the world of interior property design and home improvement we have seen the integration of sliding wardrobe doors.

You may be asking yourself, what all the fuss is about. More than just visually pleasin,g sliding wardrobe doors possess a number of practical qualities which should not be overlooked when considering storage options in your home.

In the following article you’ll find out why sliding wardrobe doors are a must in any modern home. 

1. Visually Pleasing

Let us start with the obvious; they are visually pleasing. If you are considering storage options for your home or perhaps are looking to replace your current storage system, sliding wardrobe doors are the perfect solution.

They provide a room with a contemporary and clean look, are ergonomically designed and offer a broader selection of material choices including mirrored and coloured glass finishes. Not to mention, having consistent modern storage options throughout your house may add value to the property when and if you choose to sell it. 

2. Efficient Design

As the doors glide horizontally on metal tracks you are able to avoid the widely opened hinged wardrobe doors, that sometimes finds itself open and in the way. This will surely maximise space allowing you to prioritise other features in the room. If you have an alcove the sliding wardrobe unit may also be able to be built into it. Not only does this further eliminate the occupation of unnecessary space but gives your room an organised look.  If efficiency is at the top of your list when making home design alterations then sliding doors are the way to go.

3. Easier Installation 

If you are considering home improvements, the prospect of spending large amounts of time building wardrobes and side units is a daunting one. Sliding wardrobe doors may remove some of this worry as the installation process is much easier.

With traditional hinged wardrobes you need to assemble the whole unit. This requires a lot of time and a lot of energy. Once you have the trackset for your sliding system, and of course the doors, installation is simple. The doors should simply fit into the trackset and you are good to go. Gone are the days of spending painstaking hours building and assembling wardrobe units. It is worth noting also that without the reliance on the traditional hinge the sliding system is a lot more stable and reliable.

4. Space 

Sliding wardrobe doors are ideal if you have limited space, as they open sideways. Although spacious bedrooms can benefit from them too. In fact, because this type of door doesn’t have hinges you can install doors of over 600mm. 

There you have it, the four main reasons why a sliding door wardrobe system is a more attractive and efficient choice than traditional hinged doors, when considering your home storage options.

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