Fashionable Feature Walls

Fashionable Feature Walls

Following a bit of a downturn feature walls are back in, with everything from simple wallpaper facades to room-dominating centrepieces.

If you’re looking to spruce up your living space with something to impress visitors or simply tie the room together, look no further. There is so much more potential nowadays with feature walls compared to many old-fashioned designs.

Unfortunately a number of choices over the years have earned feature walls a bad reputation, but don’t let this put you off.

Focal fireplaces

Fashionable Feature Walls

Romantic and highly sort after, fireplaces can be excellent focal points for every room, and heading into winter they can be especially cosy if you live in an older property that doesn’t stay quite as warm, or when you’re looking to add that extra bit of ambience to a room.

If you have the right design for your chosen room you can turn the fireplace into a greater feature through the use of decorations and ornaments. Deploying trinkets, art, or mirrors, to enhance the presence of the fireplace in the room is a great idea.

Home-made graffiti

For many years now spray-paint has been use a great deal in art and design, as it’s easy to purchase, easy enough to paint with, and incredibly versatile. Taking this to another level, you could consider designing and creating your very own graffiti piece for your home. It’s not hard either, with the potential there for your young children to learn stencilling too.

Buy your own

Creativity can sometimes be in short supply, but in the digital age there is plenty of material out there for someone suffering from a creative block.

A good starting point is to simply get hold of anything you like the look of; even if they’re not immediately useful, they could be in the future, and in other areas of the house. With material in hand, consider a gallery hang, piecing together your artwork into a cohesive decoration.

Rebuild – rustically

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A bit more drastic, and requiring of serious commitment, time, and effort, is the option of rebuilding the wall entirely. If you live in a plaster-and-paint property, revert to bricks and beams; and vice-versa. Obviously this requires more planning and boldness than any of the other strategies given the relative permanence of what you’re doing to the wall; but you could end up with a fantastic centrepiece to the home.

Feature walls have made a big comeback and there are plenty of interesting and unique ways you can craft your living space into something better. Take note of your options, plan and consider – if you’re looking for something to liven up your home, the options really are there, simple and hard, cheap and expensive.

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