Autumn Flooring Trends 2017

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With summer officially coming to a close, we now welcome Autumn.

Colder days, longer nights, and plenty of colour, Autumn is a great season aesthetically. So with all that in mind, it’s the perfect time to prepare our homes for the colder months ahead. It may surprise you to hear that flooring, and the colour you choose for your flooring will add a certain amount of warmth to your home.

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Parquet is one of the best options out there style wise, and design wise. It can be moulded into any shape you like, and can come in darker colours so will give off the sense of natural heat, whilst looking good at the same time! It’s also water resistant, so perfect for any wet shoes that come storming through your house. Any water can be cleaned up very quickly, without running the risk of permanent damage to your floor.

Autumn Flooring Trends 2017

Another great option is hardwood, possibly one of the most popular flooring types out there. You can easily add that darker feeling to your home, or alternatively you can brighten up your room to add that summer glow. Engineered oak wood flooring has the capacity to add underfloor heating, so that combined with a lighter toned flooring may almost replicate that feeling of a Caribbean beach. Maybe not that far, but it will certainly keep you warm.

Autumn Flooring Trends 2017

Laminate is the final flooring we’re going to look at. Laminate can simulate a majority of wood appearances, and is one of the cheaper flooring options on the market. If you’re working off a tight budget, then this is by far the better option over hardwood. Laminate also has great protective qualities meaning it won’t damage, scratch or mark as easily as hardwood, and takes pressure very well.

Autumn is the perfect time to add some much needed colour into your home. We hope our guide has helped you with this season’s trends.

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