Floral Arrangements That Will Help Spruce Up Your Home’s Interior

Fresh flowers in vases on mantelpiece

Who doesn’t love flowers?

Many people are especially fond of using floral arrangements to liven up their homes. If you’re one of them, we’ve got some cool tips for you.

Incredibly beautiful flowers not only lend a vibrancy of bright colours and add some stylish textures to our homes, but also give them a lingering, mesmerising, and fresh fragrance. Not sure whether to keep it simple and sophisticated or go for bright and bold? Check out our inspiring tips to welcome flowers into your lives.

Flowers arrangement should complement your home décor

Remember to go for floral arrangements that are in line with your home décor. If your home style is simple and chic, a large ornate vase of flowers will look jarring. Smaller flower arrangements sometimes can do the trick. Go for elegant flowers like orchids, if your home style is modern and understated.

You will never go wrong with white

Vase with beautiful white gladiolus flowers on wooden table in living room.


When in doubt go for white. Amid a maddening party season or exceptional busy days, white flowers bring in aura of elegant calmness to your home. Use a dash of bright green foliage to bring out the serenity of the white blooms. If you don’t feel confident enough to arrange an all-white floral piece by yourself, go for one of Pearsons Florist exclusive collection of deluxe white flower designs in stylish vases, curated from fresh seasonal blooms. Place one of this special range of floral designs on your dining table and feel a waft of calm air pass you by!

Beautify your bedside

Bedrooms are places where you relax and unwind. It is also the last place where you find yourself at night and the first place where you wake up in the morning. Let floral energy create a satisfying surrounding by beautifying your bedside table. A beautiful posy of flowers like pink coral roses and peonies are perfect for your bedside to accent, not only your bedroom space but also your mood.

Rugged aesthetics for your living space

Purple Alliums

Go for flowers with colours and textures to brighten up your living space. If you live in one of those stylish modern apartments, try a vase full of purple alliums on the centre table. The large headed flowers bring a starkness and scale to the living room. Amplify the textured feel by placing a vase of tortured hazel in the corner.

Work with colour scheme of your home

Flowers are great ways of infusing colours in your life and home. However, it is important to consider your home’s existing colour scheme when you use flowers for decoration. For a home that has a minimal and muted colour palette, a cheerful, vibrant burst of floral colours will bring warmth and liveliness. You can try a set curated from Australia’s native flowers that are colourful and lively. On the other hand, if your home is already very colourful, choose one key colour for your flower decoration.

Fresh flowers are the best way to spruce up your homes. Floral designs can be the easiest ways to reinvigorate your living spaces. If you haven’t tried this yet, start by ordering some fresh flowers from your nearest reputed florists today.

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