5 Simple Yet Luxurious Pool Designs

Luxury Swimming Pool

Less is more, as it’s said for everything from speeches to fashion, from décor to furnishings, etc.

Simplicity has an elegance and a contemporary feeling that defines modern luxury too. Simple designs in their Spartan looks invoke a feeling of intrigue, a factor that really works for pool designs.

Opulent designs and lavish settings can still be the choice of many, however, modern luxury is all about convenience. If your backyard is home to a pool that boasts of clarity and calm, luxurious times are evident every summer.

Here are five simple yet luxurious pool design ideas to inspire you.

Infinity edges and perimeter-overflows

Infinity Edge Swimming Pool

The dramatic design of infinity pools that seem to have a vanishing edge work best with extended vistas of oceans, rivers, mountains, cityscapes, etc. But properties that are surrounded by natural greenery can also include this design. Similarly, perimeter-overflow designs are pools where the water overflows from all-sides. Both these designs are clever optical illusions that require minimum landscaping and yet exude opulence.

Freeform pools

Rectangular pools are timeless, the LBD—little black dress of swimming pools. However, freeform or irregular shapes are ideal for some personalised designs. Freeform pool designs are luxurious because they blend with the property and surroundings seamlessly. They can be custom-shaped to fit into any asymmetrical space or to harmonise with existing architecture. To sync your outdoors is true luxury.

Water features

Water feature with swimming pool

So, you have a classic pool already and you want to add luxury to the poolscape, how do you go about it? Simple, add a statement water feature. Landscaping, hardscaping, flora, deck furniture, etc. can only be accessories. Water features are an extension of your pool design. They spell sophistication like precious few other elements. From water features like waterfalls and jets, stone spillways, bubblers, artistic statuaries, medieval art inspired designs can lend a luxurious edge to your pool design.

High-quality swimming pool water

If you want a luxury swimming pool, then you definitely should avoid hard water showing up in your pool. Because hard water can generate huge amounts of limescale. Moreover, calcium carbonate often forms a crust at the evaporation line of the water. As these deposits are hard to remove, most people tend to have chemical water treatment using chlorine. However, using eco-friendly water treatment can get you a luxury swimming pool, whilst reducing the damage to the environment.

Stepping stones

Incorporating concrete stepping stones in your pool design gives a stunning look. Elongated pools can use stepping stones to divide pool areas. They can also be used for leisurely sitting or meandering through. Stepping stones make pools look bigger than they actually are and can provide segregated pool experiences for adults and children.

Glass walls

Glassed walled pool

A glass swimming pool wall is a cool design feature that uses a minimal design element to impart a luxurious touch. Glass walls can also be used as an overflow edge into a mini-splash pool or hot tub. Glass walls give a contemporary outdoor feel to your backyard and enliven it as a recreational spot. It could be the perfect backdrop for a lounging space.

Modern luxury is all about simplicity in symmetry and minimalist features. If you are looking to adopt simple luxury into your own backyard pool design, companies like Maple Pools may be able to hook you up.

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