Style Tips for Small Homes

Style Tips For Small Homes - Small Loft Bedroom

Whilst we don’t all have the spatial palaces we dream of owning when we are young, owning your own property is a big deal no matter what the size.

But when every inch of space is vital, making functional items look stylish can prove tricky. Thankfully, there’s a whole host of savvy style tips and tricks which can help to make small spaces look just as amazing as their bigger counterparts – after all, good things come in small packages too!

Build Upwards, Not Outwards

Style Tips For Small Homes - Space Saving Shelving

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We are officially a nation of hoarders but whilst it can be difficult to part with precious items, storing them neatly can leave you with a pile which resembles a mountain rather than a Pinterest worthy display.

The trick with storage in small spaces is to build it upwards, rather than outwards. Space up high often goes unused, but making use of redundant areas can help you to keep storage streamlined.

Shelving and ladder frames will allow you to display your wares up high – providing you don’t need them in easy reach of course, so make sure anything you use on a daily basis is within easy reaching distance.

Dine in Style

Style Tips For Small Homes - Space Saving Seating

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One of the biggest problems in smaller homes is that there’s often no room for a separate dining area, luckily the new home design trends are all about open plan living. Consider these tips if you do decide to open up your home as there’s a few things to consider before you go knocking any walls down.

Other space saving options for dining areas include stylish bench seating. Either build a bench seat into an unused alcove or tuck a bench under an existing table to give you extra seating and more floor space too.

Functional Furniture

It’s the word that kind of knocks the excitement out of just about everything but functional doesn’t need to mean frumpy. It’s all about picking furniture which work in more than one way.

Instead of a coffee table why not pick a footstall for your living room instead if space is tight. Not only will you be able to use it as a coffee table if you put a tray on top, but many also come with storage underneath, and of course you can use it for its initial purpose to rest your feet too. Look for under bed storage too to make use of dead space.

Expand without Extension

Style Tips For Small Homes - Using A Mirror To Enlarge A Room

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The reality many of us face is that we sadly can’t all start our own mini Grand Designs project to add a few extra feet onto our home, but we can play tricks with our home to make it look bigger than it really is.

Hanging mirrors to reflect natural window light and painting the walls in pale tones can both help to give the illusion that a room is double the size. Picking furniture wisely can also help to free up floor space. A rectangular dining table won’t fit? A round table can still seat the same amount of people and often works much better in a tight space. Mount your TV on the wall too to avoid having a bulky TV unit.

Small doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style in order to create a functional home, but keep in mind these few tips next time you find yourself wishing for more space.

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