4 Luxury Products For Pampered Pets

Luxury Products For Pampered Pets - Swarovski Crystal Studded Pet Bathtub - From TheDiamondBathTub.com

London’s streets and parks are full of our furry friends having fun.

Owners just love showing their dogs and cats off to the world, as well as expressing how very much they adore them.

With fashionable outfits to designer collars and luxury beds, the accessories and products you can find to pamper your pets with are endless.

We love animals too, and found 4 extravagant items to help inspire you when purchasing your furry friends next treat. Though do be warned some may mean taking out a loan on your home!

Stylish Pet Bed

Luxury Products For Pampered Pets - Pink Velvet Dog Bed - From Sweat Pea And Willow

Velvet’s been a popular material for sofa’s this year, so why not incorporate this much loved material into your pets bed too. They’ll appreciate the soft, comfortable feel of velvet – I’m sure!

This pet bed screams regal, especially with the take on Louis the XVI designer furniture. Perfect to add to any home that appreciates such a majestic style.

Luxury Pet Carrier

Luxury Products For Pampered Pets - Pink Velvet Dog Bed - Pet Carrier - From Stella McCartney.com
© StellaMcCartney.com – £1245.00

We love Stella McCartney here at London Design Collective. She is a true animal lover and all her products are cruelty free. Take this Fababella pet carrier, it’s made of faux leather and perfect for a safe journey to the vets.

Enjoy the beauty of a designer pet carrier, although do remember pets are not fashion accessories to be carried around. They prefer to be walking free, and it’s certainly unhealthy to keep your pets in any carrier longer than they need to be.

Glitzy Bathtub

Luxury Products For Pampered Pets - Swarovski Crystal Studded Pet Bathtub - From TheDiamondBathTub.com
© TheDiamondBathTub.com – $5,200.00

If you love your glitz and glamour, you’ll love the Swarovski Crystal Studded Bathtub designed by Lori Burke.

Each bathtub is hand created using Swarovski crystals, individually placed upon a classically stylish nineteenth century style cast iron claw-foot bathtub.

You can even choose which colour Swarovski crystal matches your home and yours and your pet’s personality best.

Extravagant Pet Jewellery

Luxury Products For Pampered Pets - Amour Amour Dog Collar By I Love Dog Diamond

The jewellery this dog’s wearing costs £3.2 million, contains 1,600 diamonds and weighs a massive 52 carats – now that’s extravagant!

On a sensible note this is possibly rather uncomfortable for the poor dog, and I’d worry that it would make whichever pet wore such an item a target for jewellery thieves.

Here at London Design Collective we love spoiling our pets, but we make a point to make sure it’s never anything that although looks stunning to us, puts our pets in harm’s way.

When it comes down to it a safe comfortable home, healthy food, and plenty of exercise are the most important things for our furry friends, although we find very few cats actually enjoy a walk,

We deal with this by using an Endura Flap Pet Door for ours, as it reassures us if they ever get into trouble whilst out exploring the neighbourhood, they can much more easily return to their safe space – home!

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