Why Should You Include The Greek Islands On The Itinerary For Your Next Holiday?

Beautiful beach and boat in Paleokastritsa, Corfu island, Greece
Beautiful beach and boat in Paleokastritsa, Corfu island, Greece

It might be clichéd to say that a holiday destination has “something for everyone” — but, in the case of Greece, it might just be true.

This is largely due to the Greek islands — of which there are roughly 6,000 overall, according to Travel + Leisure, which adds: “Each inhabited island has its own character, from the white-and-blue houses on the Cyclades islands to the lush, green Ionian islands to the castle-lined Dodecanese islands.”

In all, the Greek islands make up six main groups and the major standalone island of Crete. However, why exactly are the Greek islands a powerful draw for holidayers?

The Greek islands are — quite simply — beautiful 

In a Daily Mail piece, historian Bettany Hughes has commented after being part of a team making a documentary series filmed in Greece: “Say ‘Greek island’ and the stereotype of blue skies, blue seas and blue-domed churches springs to mind. We found all that and more.”

Santorini island Greece with blue domed church
Santorini island Greece

By way of example, she recollected: “On Samos, a traditional boat-builder has made a Wendy house in the sky — a tree-top café serving oven-fresh bread, and local Greek spirit tsipouro.” 

Hughes also praised Santorini for the being home to the town of Akrotiri, where visitors can check out “fabulous artwork and houses three storeys high”.

It’s easy to island-hop

This article has already hinted at one reason why: as many of the Greek islands are situated in clusters, you can choose just one of them and then jump between the different islands within it.

Akropolis of athens at sunset
Akropolis of athens

However, it isn’t necessarily much more arduous to travel from one Greek archipelago to another. There are, for example, Cunard cruises that include Corfu, Cephalonia and Santorini all in one itinerary, while a number of cruises take passengers to the Greek mainland. 

You could actually treat the Greek mainland as a convenient stop on your way from one island to another, showing just how flexible you can choose to be with how you spend your Greek holiday.

There are various ways of getting around the islands 

If you come across a particular Greek island that is especially to your liking, you could opt to linger there for a time before moving onto somewhere else. However, while you are on the island, how should you get around? The good news is that you would have plentiful options.

Sccter by building in greece

Admittedly, that wouldn’t so much apply to the island of Hydra, where all motor vehicles are banned, according to Lonely Planet. Nonetheless, on the majority of Greek islands, holidayers will be choosing between a car and a bus for getting from one place to another.

Also, in many situations, it would be easy for you to rent a motorcycle or scooter for use in travelling across a Greek island. However, if you do make this kind of rental, make sure that a helmet is included with it — and, of course, that you know how to drive the vehicle.

Whatever mode of transport you do choose, there will be plenty of sumptuous scenery for you to enjoy taking in.

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