8 Ways To Marry Cosy With Chic In Your Living Room This Winter

As winter looms, we’re tempted to unpack the heavy blankets, dust off the candles and begin to hunker down.

But there’s a fine line to tread between cosy and cliché, especially if you want to live in a home that wouldn’t look out of place in a glossy magazine.  On the other hand, you need to use the room daily, so it can’t be all style over substance.  It needs to be functional too.  So, how do you marry both concepts together?  Follow our eight tips below. 

Remember, the room is never finished!

The first step is to remember that an interior designer’s work is never done. Adopt the philosophy that the room is never finished and continually edit your room. Regularly cull ornaments, add new soft furnishings, rearrange furniture and restyle spaces to keep it fresh.

Good storage is important

Open the pages of a magazine, look on Pinterest’s daily inspiration tab or open your favourite influencer’s Instagram account. What’s one thing they all have in common? That clutter is kept out of sight. There are two key principles to keeping your home looking chic and clutter-free. The first is good storage and the second is making sure everything has a home.

Warm-up your room

I think we can safely say the grey trend has had its day. Compared to come of the modern colours we’re starting to see emerge, grey just feels cold and clinical, which is less than ideal over the winter months.

The experts at paint company Dulux agree. They’ve chosen a warm, earthy browny-beige as the Colour of the Year for 2021 (shown below).  Named Brave Ground, Dulux describe the colour as a  “bolstering shade” that will put us back in touch with nature.  

A warm, earthy tone, [Brave Ground] creates a feeling of stability, growth and potential; and provides a firm foundation for change and creativity in your home.


Lower your ceiling (figuratively speaking)

Redecorating your living room? Consider painting your ceiling too. Paint it in the same shade as your walls or select a contrasting colour. This will effectively ‘lower’ your ceiling leading to a cosier feel in the evenings. If you’re feeling brave, you could even wallpaper the ceiling—this is very on-trend right now.

Invite nature in

Everybody knows that spending time outside is soothing for the soul. In 2020, we’re choosing to bring nature into our home where possible, a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.

Carry nature throughout your home by using organic elements in your furniture and furnishings. Opt for linen, seagrass, wood, clay and stone..

Growing and tending to plants is almost meditative for some. Floral displays can add life to an otherwise dull corner.

Pay attention to lighting

A beautifully lit home in the day will have profound effects on your mental wellbeing. At night, the right lighting will create an intimate atmosphere. Swap harsh overhead lights in favour of lamps with dimmable bulbs.

What makes you smile?

Make space in your room for anything that’ll bring a smile to your face time after time. Whether is a portrait of your family, wallpaper with a daring print that you’ve always admired, your grandma’s heirloom side table, a bold wall mural that you’ve hand-painted or a hand-me-down vase that reminds you of your beloved aunty. This will bring a little bit of cheer to those long, cold winter evenings.

Dress your windows well

The right window dressing will tick both the cosy and chic boxes. The key is to invest in a quality pair of curtains from a trusted brand. A thick sumptuous velvet pair that puddles on the floor ought to do the trick. At night, they’ll keep out the chill. In the day, scoop them back with coordinating rope ties to let light flood into the room.

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