Who Are You

Who Are You was commissioned by Art Neuro and installed at the Rag Factory in London, England (2014).

Who Are You is an interactive digital video installation created by Oren Goldenberg, based on the research of Siobhan Jones, featuring Nikolas Huey. This installation operates by a motion sensor changing the video when a viewer’s close proximity is detected.

There are inevitable fissures in the role of an adult analyzing the behavior and motives of a teenager. Inherently, young people are subject to an adult’s framework of the world when engaging in professional psychological therapy. As adults, we have learned to present a unified self. At a distance, this project presents Nikolas within the scattered complexity of what forms into identity. Upon engagement, though, the viewer is able to discern the layers of uncertainty and contradiction. Using interactive technology the viewer has the opprotunity to see past the loudness of youth and listen to Nikolas’s challenge of knowing oneself.

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