How to turn your bathroom into a home spa

How to turn your bathroom into a home spa - Harlow Bath - From VictoriaPlumbing

A little TLC goes a long way, but can cost a small fortune! Why not save yourself some money and recreate your favourite spa destination in the comfort of your own home?

A few luxurious accessories here, a spritz of calming, scented room spray there, and you’re well on your way to creating that sought-after spa-like atmosphere.Size and budget no longer hinder interior design, as there are now tonnes of reasonably priced, space saving solutions available, so you can achieve a stylish finish, without breaking the bank.

Check out these eight top tips to help transform your old bathroom from drab, to fab!

Define Your Interior Style

With any home interiors project, the first thing you want to do is define your personal style. Flick through home magazines, start a Pinterest board, do whatever you need to do to really hone in on your style sensibility. Gathering inspiration allows you to formulate your ideas and express your vision. Don’t feel pressured to conform to trends. Whilst luxurious gold details are fashionable now, trends are fickle. You’d be better off choosing a theme you love, to prevent it from dating.

Make A Plan

How to turn your bathroom into a home spa - Premier Grosvenor Roll Top Bath - From VictoriaPlumbing

Now that you have a sense of the style/ theme you want; the next logical step is to plan. If you’re completing a full renovation, you’ll need to consider what you want from your bathroom. A big shower? A his and hers vanity? A roll top bath? You’ll need to consider your space and prioritise accordingly. If a full renovation is not in your budget, you can still achieve a spa-like feel with some simple and low cost updates. To maintain a consistent theme, be sure to create a product wish-list, or mood board, before you hit the shops.

Clear the Clutter  

Spas are not cluttered. They are crisp, minimal, and relaxing. Before you start bringing in new products, you should declutter and clean-up your current set-up. Set aside everyday products, have a clear out of your make-up, and get rid of anything that looks like its seen better days. There’s nothing more relaxing than a clean and fresh environment.

Refurbish and Refresh

Choosing new furnishings is all fun and games, but If you’re replacing your entire bathroom, this is where things get messy. Pulling out the old fixtures can be time consuming, so it’s important to be organised to ensure the renovation goes smoothly.

When it comes to choosing a new bathroom suite, white is a timeless option. It might be best to choose a Bathroom suite package from the same dealer, as these are cost effective, and will help to create a unified finish. A neutral colour scheme will create a spa-like look.

Think crisp white, warm creams and cool toned blues. If you want to add colour, this should be done through tasteful accessories – bold and gaudy prints will detract from the calming atmosphere you want to achieve.

You’d be surprised at the difference small fixture updates can make, so there’s no need to feel as if you’re stuck in a rut if a full renovation is not in your budget. Replacing a shower curtain with a glass screen, swapping taps and door handles and upgrading your shower head are all simple hacks that can work towards creating your dream bathroom on a budget.

Add More Storage

How to turn your bathroom into a home spa - Bath Caddy - By Rustic Retro Furniture - Via Etsy

A common problem faced in family bathrooms is finding the storage space to hold everyone’s bits and bobs. If this sounds like you, smart storage solutions are your new best friend. Slim-line cabinets, over sink mirrors that double as storage space, and clever shelving systems will work in your favour to create a clean and tidy aesthetic. For those little bits, that simply must be on display, try decanting them into coordinating jars, or baskets, so that the overall look remains consistent.

For a super-stylish storage solution, invest in a wooden bathtub caddy. Here you can display your most luxurious bubble baths and body lotions for a chic finish. This design from Etsy even has a place to hold your wine glass – if that’s not relaxation, I don’t know what is!


Your bathroom should be so much more than toothbrushes and toilet rolls. For some serious spa vibes, try adding some framed art work. Black & white photography, in matching slim-panelled frames, will make the room look more dynamic and welcoming. Try turning everyday necessities into design features. E.g. dispense your lotions and potions into matching bottles to add a real design punch.

We love this natural wood soap pump from Houseology. Do you reserve your ‘fancy towels’ for guest use? If so, get them out the airing cupboard and show them a good time! Your towels can act as a functional bathroom accessory. Coordinate them with the bathroom theme and layer them up for extra style points.

Bring the outdoors in

Not only are indoor plants proven to purify air and reduce stress, they are a unique way to make a bathroom look fresh and sophisticated. Succulents are a low-maintenance option that make a high-impact. A splash of green in a neutral room is key for creating that lust-worthy Scandi-vibe.


How to turn your bathroom into a home spa - Aromatherapy

Scented candles, reed diffusers, and essential oils are the perfect finishing touch to create the ultimate relaxing home-spa. Aromatherapy can be a powerful thing, as certain scents will reduce stress and induce serenity. Choose vanilla, or lavender fragrances for optimum zen.

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