Popular Venues to hold an art exhibition

Best Types of Venue for an Art Exhibition - Altered Earth by Doug Aitken

Will you be hosting an art exhibition in the future?

If you are, then now might be the time to shake off the excitement and begin the all-important planning process.

Best Types of Venue for an Art Exhibition

So, you have the talent and you have the portfolio, now you just need somewhere to show it off! However, finding the right place is more important than you might initially think. The venue of your exhibition needs to accurately reflect the type of exhibition that you’re hosting. Is the art post-modern? Classic? Will there be installations? Is it a solo exhibit or are you working with other artists? These are important things to consider when planning the exhibition and will influence your final decision. Here are some of the best places to host an art exhibition.


Best Types of Venue for an Art Exhibition

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Warehouses remain highly cutting edge venues for the artistic community, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer a large amount of space and great opportunities for displaying your work, as well as a pleasingly bohemian vibe. They can be quite cheap to rent too, depending on your location and needs. Why not give it a try? They’re particularly good for installations thanks to the space, and people have plenty of room to wander around and soak up the ambience.

Pop Up Exhibition

Best Types of Venue for an Art Exhibition

Who says you need a building at all? In many cases, you don’t need to hire out a venue at all; why not use an event tent instead? This is convenient, cost-effective and certainly striking. It allows you to place yourself wherever you like, and can be a great way to draw some publicity and gain public interest. Neptunus Structures provides an array of event tents to suit an array of event sizes; they even provide temporary buildings if you want a venue with a little more permanency. This depends on how long your exhibition is hosted for, of course.

Community Spaces

You may not have the cash to rent out the town hall, but there may be other community spaces in your area that are willing to let you host your exhibition. Look through your local listings or check out any clubs and pubs that host music nights and similar events, and ask if they can let out their space to you for an evening.

Don’t be afraid to ask around, and remember that hosting a successful art exhibition doesn’t have to cost the earth. From marquees to public spaces, there are plenty of options.

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