6 Display Tips To Improve Jewellery Store Sales

6 Display Tips To Improve Jewellery Store Sales

Presentation is everything.

Presentation is a precise science and can be used to sway decisions. It’s easy to overlook the subtle advantages the right display can bring to your jewellery store business.

The truth is if your jewellery store looks exactly like every other store a customer has been to, they are more likely to assume that your jewellery selection belongs to the same category as what they have seen in other stores.

We both know that’s not true. Your pieces are exquisite, stylish and unique. Your pieces are worth every penny on the price tag, maybe even more.

Now to convince potential customers of this fact is definitely easier than you think. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t get stuck in that trap of looking like every other jewellery store.

Less is more.

6 Display Tips To Improve Jewellery Store Sales

Let’s start with your window display. An important rule of thumb is “less is more”. Don’t try to fill up the window display with all of your amazing pieces. Pick out a few exquisite, dainty, or charming pieces. Let them be the celebrated pieces. Let them be the bait.

Potential customers who focus on the few carefully chosen pieces in your window display are more likely to come in for more. It’s a lot less confusing to the average person. Furthermore, each piece’s uniqueness will be easily recognised if the display is not too crowded.

Invest in your display unit.

The display units are not an investment. How do you invest in display units when they are not going to bring any returns?

According to Emma Scott of Plastic Accessories Company Slatwall Accessories “The right display unit has the ability to make your jewellery more expensive than it really is, and potential customers are more likely to pay more for what they perceive as expensive.”

Let your display units speak for your jewellery just like the backdrops speak for the theatres. Let them tell a story for each piece that they display.

Counter height should be just right.

6 Display Tips To Improve Jewellery Store Sales

Give your customers the opportunity to get as close to eye level as possible to the jewellery that they admire without needing to touch. Having to bend every time a customer wants to have a good look at a product can be mildly annoying.

Or worse, having to ask the assistant to bring a piece closer just so they can have a look could discourage them from further shopping. The perfect counter height for jewellery is estimated to be 42 inches. That way it’s easy to closely scrutinise jewellery without needing extra help.

Display financing options.

Being able to offer financing options for your jewellery is a great way to increase customers.  Simply advertising in your window displays that you have these options can increase the number of people that come into your store.

What’s more, customers without credit or savings could be lured with the chance of making progressive payments on a piece of jewellery or a lease to own agreement.

Use your theme to inspire sales.

6 Display Tips To Improve Jewellery Store Sales

Create themes in your store and cultivate an atmosphere that encourages it. Dreamy, romantic, and even practical are all themes that you can use your display to narrate.

Find out what themes works best for your sales and try your best to characterise and reinforce that feeling in your store. Change your themes in tune with the seasons, romance for Valentine, Christmas themes for Christmas time, and so on.

Display something for everyone.

When putting items on display, try to make sure that you display something for everyone- a jewellery gift as an anniversary present, a necklace for mom’s birthday, an engagement ring, and something for those who just love jewellery.

That way a cursory glance can tell a customer that they are in the right store to find just what they need on their jewellery hunt.

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