Luxury Easter: How to decorate your home for the season

Luxury Easter: How to decorate your home for the season - Images From

It’s time to unleash your inner spring chic and jump on the bandwagon of those who are decorating their homes for Easter.

Here are some simple and affordable ideas on how to brighten your home for the season.

Add springtime to your front door

The entrance to your home will be the first thing you and your guests see, so it’s an ideal place to make a statement with a colourful Easter wreath or decoration. Be inspired by all that Easter involves and add eggs, bunnies, and flowers to your wreath to make it fit in perfectly with the season.

Embrace Easter egg decor

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There are hundreds of things you can do with Easter eggs that will make your home fit for springtime. Plus, crafting decorations can be a great activity to do with children. Why not create a colourful egg garland with blown-out eggs that can easily be individually decorated and strung together.

Put up the Easter tree

An Easter tree is fast becoming a favourite tradition in many households. It gives families the opportunity to create their own decorations for the tree and is an easy way to liven up any home for the occasion. Putting up your Easter tree will bring the family together and give you a perfect standalone decoration that can go in any room.

Create an Easter centrepiece

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If you’ve got guests coming over for an Easter meal, then you’ll be certain to impress them with an Easter centrepiece. Don’t worry if your flower arranging skills aren’t up to scratch, though, simple yet effective centrepieces can be made from things such as fake bird’s nests that can be filled with your uniquely decorated eggs or even an eggshell flower arrangement where hollowed-out eggshells provide vases for tiny flowers.

As stunning as a centre piece is, don’t forget to decorate the rest of the table too, that way you will be indulging your guests with a full Easter experience. With your guide to a colourful Easter table we’re sure you will find some great ideas.

Get fancy with flowers

Flowers are everywhere in springtime so what better way to get your home ready for the season than to get fancy with flowers both inside and out. Make your porch pretty with potted tulips or make a bold statement with bright wildflowers that can be incorporated nicely into a centrepiece arrangement or on their own.

Make a moss monogram

Luxury Easter: How to decorate your home for the season - Images From

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A good way to add a personal touch to your spring decor is a moss monogram. This can easily be crafted by gluing moss and artificial flower buds to a wooden letter and by adding a fancy ribbon to the top you can hang it anywhere you like.

Set the scene with pretty place settings

Whoever you’re planning on having over for dinner, you can make themed place settings or cards that fit in with the season. One idea for the little ones is to make daffodils from flower cut outs and baking cups that you can fill with treats. For a more grown-up approach, try monogrammed egg place cards made from lettered stickers that can be applied to gold spray painted plastic eggs.

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