Interior design trends you don’t want to miss in 2016

Are you an interior design aficionado that loves to see what’s in style? Perhaps you’re clueless when it comes to trends and you’re looking for a little inspiration for a room refurb?

Either way, we have a bumper guide full of the latest trends for you to browse today, thanks to the experts at Baytree Interiors.

Here is a round-up of the interior design trends you’re going to see in 2016:

Colour trends:

Choosing the right colour scheme is an important first step when refurbishing any room. Chances are, you’re not planning to redesign the room again for many years? As such, you’ll want to ensure the colour scheme is something you can live with for a long time.  But, there are thousands of colours, shades and tones to choose from, this can be a daunting task for anyone. Where should you start?

Our advice is to paint your room with a neutral colour and then add a bright accent colour to key areas  (see the blue cabinet below, for example). As the seasons change or a new trend hits the high street, you can swap accent colours to suit.

Dulux colour of the year

In 2016, neutral does not mean beige or magnolia. Both of these tones are now considered old hat. Instead, opt for subtle pastel shades. They’ll add a modern touch of colour to your room without feeling overpowering.  Alternatively, you should try  muted, earthy tones or subtle greys.

If you’d like to incorporate a large bright splash of colour or draw attention to a specific part of your room, consider a feature wall.  (See above, left).

Julian Potter from Baytree Interiors remarks:

“Bright and vibrant colours are rightly coming back into fashion, slowly banishing the days of magnolia walls into the past. This shows that people are once again looking for something a bit different and want to put their own stamp of individualism on their home.”

Furniture trends:

Open any interior design magazine from 2015 and you’ll notice it’s filled with classic country-style furniture (see below). This trend is set to carry on throughout 2016, but with a twist!

Classic Country Furniture

This year, it’s all about mixing and matching colours. Upcycle and refurbish old classic pieces of furniture in matching and clashing shades. Trying mixing coloured chairs around a dining table or painting nested tables in contrasting tones.

Noir furniture (see below for example) is set to make a comeback in 2015.  Why not choose French-inspired furniture to create the ultimate boudoir? Opt for modern, sumptuous designs that that add a hint of luxury to your space.

Noir Furniture

Over the last few years, it has become popular to mix and match furniture styles. You may have seen rooms with both antique and modern furniture that works together effortlessly.  Fancy trying something a little different in your home this year? Mix mid-century furniture with industrial lighting fixtures to create a trendy, minimalist theme.

Lighting trends:

Cleverly chosen lighting will create the perfect ambience in your home.  Here’s what’s on trend for 2016:

Chandeliers are no longer just for the wealthy! DIY chain stores now offer affordable designs that will add a touch of luxe to your home.

Pendant lights are going nowhere in 2016 and filament bulbs are the lighting trend du jour. These bulbs create a lovely, warm, vintage glow. Shop around and you’ll find pendants to suit any type of theme, from industrial to vintage; from modern to classic.

filament bulbs

We’ll start to see more LED lighting in the home over the course of 2016, thanks to of advancements in technology. LED lighting is now more affordable than ever and it offers a number of beneficial properties. (Cheaper cost to run and longer lifetimes are just two benefits).

Smart tech:

Technology will continue transforming the way we live in 2016. We already have apps that control our heating when we’re on the way back from work. There are apps that can turn on cameras remotely to check security and gadgets that will open your garage doors as you arrive home.  Both interior designers and engineers will carry on working together, building new and imaginative products that will continue to impact our everyday lives.

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