5 Unique Options For Your Next Pair Of Glasses

Women with thick black glasses

If you requires eyeglasses, you can turn this challenge into an opportunity to add a unique twist to your personal style.

You can turn your bifocal or photochromatic glasses into the ideal accessory for that signature fashion statement that will boost your confidence. 

There are many options in terms of frame styles and shapes to choose from. Depending on the occasion or setting you will be wearing your glasses, you can go for rimless, semi-rimless, or full frames. You can choose from a wide range of frames that are suited to different face shapes.  

1. Thick Frames

In the early days of eyeglass wearing, dark, thick frames were the only style you could purchase. This has since changed with the introduction of wireframes and rimless glasses. But thick frames made a strong comeback in recent times, styled to work in both formal and casual settings.

The thick frames of today are lighter, more comfortable and come in a wider array of shapes and colours than they did in the 50s. Thick cat-eye frames, which have become very popular in recent times, allowing you to add a dash of playfulness to a drab work outfit. Made popular by the James Bond co-conspirators of yesteryears, these frames have a vintage feel but have been contemporised by innovative designers. 

2. Sports Glasses

Fashion statements aside, sports glasses play a crucial role in keeping your eyes safe. They protect your eyes from thousands of seen and unseen dangers and can potentially help boost your performance in your chosen sport. If you’re out skiing, sports glasses will shield your eyes from the sun’s UV rays reflected by the snow.

Sports glasses - cyclist glasses

They offer the same protection to bikers and joggers on sunny days. Functionality aside, sports glasses can be a very cool addition to your weekend getup. Try sports glasses suited to your face shape to find a pair that suits you.

3. Asymmetrical Frame Shapes

You don’t have to go with the cliché semi-elliptical frames when getting your next pair of glasses. You can seize the opportunity to go for a frame shape that is more reflective of your personality or the ideals you aspire to. Eyewear designers came up with some out-the-box frame shapes that you can experiment with as you search for your ideal look.

The upside-down semi-frameless glasses can make you stand out, especially if you purchase them in baby blue or an eyeball-grabbing red. If you’re a fan of cat-eye frames, there are more edgy renditions of the basic designs you can pair with your beachwear.  

4. Rimless

Rimless glasses are usually associated with formal environments. Your favorite banker or personal accountant probably wears them. Even if you want to get away from that professional, conservative look, there are a few reasons you may want to consider buying rimless eyeglasses. 

Rimless glasses

For one, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The absence of frames on these glasses means they won’t detract from your natural beauty or carefully laid makeup. It also rids you of the obstacle large frames can be in your line of vision when driving or reading. 

Rimless glasses don’t have to be boring or serious; the right pair can add an element of understated elegance to your ensemble. You can get aviator, cat-eye, or regular rectangular rimless glasses that will let your natural features shine through while giving you a minimalist look, a touch of sophistication.

5. Patterns 

A pair of distinctive glasses may be just what you need to elevate an otherwise bland outfit. Besides having a wealth of shapes and colours of frames to choose from, you can have your frames in a variety of patterns. Thick cat-eye frames with a brown leopard print design can be ideal for an excursion, a long drive or a day at the beach. Striped frames with bright colours can work in any type of casual setting; whether you’re on a lunch date with friends or spending an afternoon in the library.

Give Yourself Some Options, If Possible

You don’t have to limit yourself to a single pair of glasses, be they corrective glasses, reading glasses or sunglasses. With such a wealth of alternatives available, why not get multiple pairs for different settings or outfits? If this is not an option, take your time and shop carefully for a pair that will work with anything in your closet.

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