5 Ways To New Normalise Your Home

Home gym with view of garden

We almost dare not say it out loud. But with plans to lift lockdown gradually being eased, there’s some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and some sort of normality might be returning towards the end of the summer.

However, the sweeping changes that constitute the ‘new normal’ will affect our home lives as well as the outside world.

With that in mind, here are five ways to new normalise your home. 

1. Home office 

Many of us will still work from home permanently after the pandemic passes. But you should definitely say goodbye to the days of balancing a laptop on one knee and your lunch (or child) on another! 

Home Office. Solid Wood desk

A proper home office with ergonomic chair and desk is the bare minimum – Ikea has lots of snazzy, space-saving home office ideas! 

2. Replacement doors

Replacing external and/or internal doors is another excellent way to improve the ambient energy in your home. 

For instance, a stuffy room can be improved immeasurably by replacing a solid door with an airy alternative which has glass panels.

3. Garden walkways

Elegant wooden walkways can keep your feet clean as you wander around your gorgeous green space, and well-designed decking systems also often incorporate wire features that provide support and are aesthetically pleasing. 

wooden pathway winding in garden with flowers

If you’ve got your own idea for a garden walkway design, technical specialists like Ormiston Wire can help. 

4. Home gym

There’s no doubt that you’ll be looking forward to starting team sports again and even getting back to your gym. 

But if you’re working at home, there’s still no harm in buying some home gym equipment to keep up your fitness on those days you can’t get out. Whether it’s done using a treadmill, exercise bike or simply a kettlebell, working out at home can be very convenient. 

5. Household plants 

Having more household plants in your home can really improve the atmosphere in more ways than one – they not only look calming and attractive, but also purify the air! 

With Bloombox Club you can have palms, Chinese money plants, banana plants and more delivered to your door.  Alternatively, once your local plant bursary is open, perhaps you’ll prefer to browse and buy in person.

As 2021 progresses, we’ve got our fingers, toes and everything else crossed that we can reunite with friends and family and enjoy at least some of the freedoms we probably took for granted before. 

By following these five ways to new normalise your home, you can make the transition from lockdown to freedom as smooth and as seamless as possible.

Have fun getting your home ready during this phase – we’re all hoping that happier homes and better life-work balances might be some silver linings to the covid cloud. 

And we’ll all feel much more confident with DIY jobs too! 

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