Best Women’s Slippers With Support – Podiatrist-Approved

Birkenstock Boston Earth Vegan Khaki Ladies Slipper

Slippers give so much at home! They ease your feet after a long day of wearing hard shoes and provide much-needed relaxation as you unwind.

As with shoes, I want to help you choose the perfect pair of womens slippers, whether that means more arch support, a contoured footbed, or even extra support around the heel; all crucial to avert any future foot problems.

What is recommended?

An important characteristic of the best womens slippers is that they offer support in all the right places. Your best choices as recommended by certified podiatrists include Birkenstock and Strive. 

These slippers are meant to relieve strain on the toes, allowing for less grasping and improved stability when compared to walking barefoot. On wearing slippers that avoid an injury to your feet, several styles may offer more comfort and support.

Select supportive slippers made of a permeable material that keeps your feet warm and comfy and an anti-slip rubber sole is also advantageous, as is an orthotic footbed

So, which brands do we recommend?

Birkenstock slippers are worth your attention.

Amsterdam Vegan Felt-Polyester-Mix Birkenstock slippers

The moulded footbed serves as a help to your feet in the proper position, providing them more comfort and support in all the appropriate locations, such as arch support, moulded toe regions, and protection around the heel and toe to prevent injuries during natural foot movement. In addition, they’re really fashionable!

Onto Strive.

Copenhagen pink vegan orthopaedic slippers by Strive

These are the designers known to be the footwear specialists when it comes to orthotics. Strive created ‘Biomechanical Footbed Technology’ or BFT, a way to redesign the classic feel of a flat footbed to fit the natural shape of your feet. This patent pending sole unit with dual density reduces pain caused by problem feet issues. 

The extra support you gain from the design reduces muscle fatigue and so makes for a great choice for your next pair of slippers. You want to be cosy when at home, and here is a solution that won’t bring discomfort when walking around your home.

Try the recommended brands for orthotic slippers

We trust that this quick guide has been beneficial in helping you choose which brand to go with to aid with any current foot problems, or at least, it’s made you understand that your feet may require some more support

Of course, there are many additional brands and designs in-store and online, ranging from soft and smooth to traditional designs adored by everyone. We especially like the Birkenstock Boston Earth Vegan Khaki Ladies Slippers from Elevate Your Sole.

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