Why You Should Spend Summer 2021 in Ibiza

Ibiza Old Town

Summer this year may be the best one yet. Last year had people worldwide stuck at home because of the pandemic, but it’s time to go back out!

With vaccinations, here in London and the rest of the UK becoming more frequent, tourist destinations are letting Brits back in. One of the destinations is Ibiza island; it’s such a beautiful location you need to visit this year. The party island is going to start welcoming vaccinated travellers hopefully by summer. 

With remote working now being an option, here’s why you should spend the summer in Ibiza.

You Get to Learn a New Culture and Language 

Known for its legendary nightlife, Ibiza is more than a partying island. The beauty of travelling is you get to meet new people, see new places and in the process, learn about new cultures. The island is no exception; you will learn many things, including the language.

DJ mixing and large group of people partying

Before leaving you can start taking courses to learn some Spanish and have a solid base for when you get there. Language learning apps like Babbel for example are very convenient and great for learning quickly the basics of a language. If you’re not sure on how effective Babbel is, take a look at this article to learn more. 

You Can Almost Always Find a New Beach 

Shopping, sightseeing, and all other tourist activities are fun but can get you exhausted. The best way to unwind and relax on the trip is by lying down on the soft sand in the many exquisite beaches in Ibiza. It has a quiet vibe; you can take a walk and enjoy the atmosphere before you go back to other activities.

View of idyllic beach of Cala d'Hort wih palm tree in foreground, Ibiza island, Spain

You can almost always find a new beach when you visit the island; it’s full of beautiful beaches. It may not be possible to exhaust all the beaches in one visit; each time you go back, you will experience a new one. It’s one of the island’s most prominent attractions; you won’t ever get enough of the perfect sandy beaches.

Shop at the Incredible Flea Markets, Famous for Their Uniqueness 

Ibiza is also perfect for a shopping spree in summer this year. Whether you are looking for a souvenir or just a tour of the colourful markets, you will enjoy your time there. The love for vintage clothes and second-hand things never ends. Ibiza flea markets will tempt you to turn your visit into a shopping endeavour; they are unique and full of goodies.

Ibiza Market

With the 90s vibes cropping up in the fashion industry, the flea markets on the island are where you go to stock up on fashionable items. Visiting the unique markets is also the best way to experience local life and interact with the lovely Spanish people.

Dine Your Way through the Incredible Cuisine and Tapas 

Trying new cuisines can be as exciting as visiting a new place. Thankfully Ibiza has a variety of traditional restaurants you can enjoy exotic menus. The vegan culinary scene on the island is excellent; you will enjoy local and international dishes. Tapas have become a sophisticated cuisine, served in many restaurants and bars worldwide. When you visit Ibiza, you get to experience tapas at their finest; the locals are known to make delicious and exotic cuisines.

Because of the Pandemic, You Can Find an Amazing Apartment or Vacation Home for a Fraction of the Cost

The coronavirus pandemic almost crippled the tourism industry; people were not allowed to travel anywhere. The hotels and accommodation in most tourist destinations suffered for it; they had to lower their prices to stay in business. This summer is the best to visit Ibiza because you can take advantage of the low prices before things go back to normal. There are many high-class and luxurious hotels and accommodations on the island; find yourself one and book a room for your stay there. The current situation will save you from spending a fortune, especially if you are travelling with family.

Ibiza is more than a party town for young people. There are fun activities for anyone who visits the location. It’s a beautiful island with world-class beaches, one of the chicest places in the world and it’s waiting for you. 

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