Spring Bridal Gown Trends for Petite Women

If you are a petite woman who is looking forward to a spring wedding, there are some exciting new trends to keep in mind when it comes to dress shopping. There is also some tried-and-true advice that petite women should keep in mind when shopping for the wedding gown of their dreams. Use the following tips to shop for a dress that enhances your figure beautifully.

Avoid the Poof and Puff

Some petite women might think that a poofy ball gown might be the ideal way to add more impact to their stature. In actuality, however, many petite women simply appear swallowed up when wearing puffy dresses. The simple fact is, “a petite bride usually can achieve a more flattering look with a gown that’s sleek, rather than full and puffy.” (1) A sleek gown can still boast embellishments if you prefer a more ornamented look; just be sure the style you choose enhances your petite shape and doesn’t drown it in swathes of fabric.

Wedding Gown - By Reem Acra

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Detailed Bustline

When choosing a wedding dress for your spring wedding, look for a gown that employs details and embellishments that flatter your bustline. When you have a petite shape and small bust, “you have lots of options when it comes to the bustline of your wedding dress. You can really amp up the details because the proportions here are really in your favor.” (2) Details like beadwork, ruched fabric, and folded silk can enhance your bustline while adding to the beauty of your gown.

Wedding Gown

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Light and Airy Fabrics

A popular trend for 2015 spring wedding gowns is the use of light and airy fabrics. Chiffon and organza will complement the delicate figure of a petite women with princess-like elegance. Heavy fabrics like satin can weigh down the petite figure. Muslin is another great option to consider when searching for your spring gown.

Wedding Gown - By New Reem Acra Lilac

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Other Tips for 2015

When dress shopping, you’ll be seeing many dress styles that feature off-the-shoulder straps. If you are a petite woman, this style may look great on you, especially if you favor that timeless, romantic look. If you are planning a more informal affair, short wedding dresses are definitely in for 2015, and these short dresses will look great on petite and small-busted women too.

Wedding Gown - Inbal Dror

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The perfect dress will enhance your petite figure so that it makes a grand statement at your wedding. These tips will help you find a dress that is, indeed, perfect for you.


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