How to Store and Protect Sunbrella Cushions for the Winter

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Cushions provide a patio set with that extra protection, comfort and support in the warm months when everyone gathers around the pool or grill for relaxing fun.

But once Old Man Winter approaches, it’s time to think about storage for those cushions. To keep them looking and functional great, it’s necessary to remove and put away all Sunbrella cushions for the winter months to preserve their vibrant colour and quality.

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First, a good cleaning is in order before storing. Keeping Sunbrella fabrics like new is easy when employing a thorough cleaning and storage routine each year. People with these fabrics on their patio furniture can provide light maintenance throughout the season by cleaning spills when they happen and removing dirt on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to take them off and bring them inside when rain is forecast to avoid the cushions getting wet and mildewy over time. However, when it comes to winter, though, it’s necessary to bring them in for the long haul.

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Simply remove them from the chairs and gliders, releasing any straps or ties that may bind them. A full inspection of the cushions will reveal any stains or spots you need to clean before storage. Owners can achieve this by using a spray bottle of water and mild soap to remove any stains using a sponge or brush. Rinse, blot and air dry to complete the process. The cushions must be fully dry before storing them in a dry space such as a garage, closet or basement. Fortunately, these fabrics tend to dry quickly on their own and don’t need to be placed in a dryer. When users first purchase Sunbrella cushions, they are encouraged to use a fabric guard which repels stains and makes this process a whole lot easier.

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For cushions that have sustained more damage in terms of dirt and mildew, they can easily be cleaned at home, though some owners may want to bring their Sunbrella cushions to a professional. It’s wise to ensure this professional has experience working with Sunbrella fabrics specifically before doing so. Also, these fabrics should not be dry-cleaned. For wrinkled fabric, owners can iron their fabric on a low heat. Once the cushions are cleaned, it’s a good idea to place them in a Rubbermaid container or other type of air-tight container for the winter to protect them, advises Garden Web. That way, when it comes time to put them on again in the spring, they will be dry, clean and ready to bring the family comfort and joy for the upcoming season.

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