10 Tips When Buying Clothes For Your Man

10 Tips When Buying Clothes For Your Man

The task of purchasing clothes for your boyfriend or husband is fraught with potential difficulties.

Will he like what you get him? Is he extremely fussy about certain brands? Does he expect you to buy clothing for him at a certain price point?

To help minimise these worries, here are 10 failsafe tips for buying the right fashions for your guy.

Go shopping with him to get a sense of his style

10 Tips When Buying Clothes For Your Man

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It’s the most obvious advice of all to ensure that you buy the right clothing for your man – have him there with you when you do it!

But shopping with him also allows you to get a sense of his preferences before you go out to buy something for him on your own.

Ask him directly about his tastes

Is he a jeans or trousers guy? What brands have caught his eye recently? Has he gone up or down a size lately? Insert these questions into natural conversation if you don’t want him to suspect that you’re about to splash out on something for him.

Quiz his guy friends

If he’s been yearning lately for a certain shirt or pair of trainers, the chances are that he will have mentioned it in passing to his mates – so don’t be afraid to ask them about what he does and doesn’t like.

Opt for clothing brands that he already likes

10 Tips When Buying Clothes For Your Man

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This is especially wise advice if you don’t normally buy clothes for your man. Guys can be very fussy – even if you buy the right brand, he might dislike the colour of a particular garment – so it helps to play safe and keep the receipt in case the item needs to be returned.

Choose from ‘safer’ brands

Some labels, especially the more traditional ones, are pretty good at timelessly rugged, male-friendly styles that your guy is unlikely to object to, whatever you get him from the range. For example, Dickies have a range of summer jackets that could be just what he needs right now.

Don’t stray too far from his existing aesthetic

You may think a certain item of his that he loves doesn’t work for one reason or another, but it’s still his wardrobe.

If you want to encourage him into something slightly outside his comfort zone, make it a subtle deviation from his usual tastes rather than a complete departure that he is unlikely to embrace.

Purchase something that he actually needs

10 Tips When Buying Clothes For Your Man

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Guys like logical, practical gifts – and it doesn’t necessarily need to be something drably unimaginative, such as socks. While he’s out, sift through his wardrobe to determine whether he’s running short of or lacking any particular items.

Stick to a small number of stores

As mentioned above, guys know what they like, and as often as not, what they don’t like. The likelihood is that your man already consistently buys from quite a small number of stores, so shopping from a similarly small number of comparable (but different) stores can help to ensure that you buy something interesting he won’t reject.

Buy him clothing for his favourite activities

Does he like to play golf, fish or watch his local football team? Whatever he loves spending his time doing, there will almost certainly be clothing that you can get for him to perfectly suit the occasion.

Familiarise yourself with store return policies

Even when you follow all of the above tips, there’s still a chance that he just won’t like what you get for him. If so, make sure you know and are happy with the applicable store return policies so that you can avoid wasting your money.

But enough about what clothing you might buy for your guy – what clothes does your boyfriend like to see you wearing? This guide to 9 things women wear that guys secretly love should give you some ideas for when you next want to dazzle him.

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