Why Vegan Fashion Has Grown In Popularity

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Veganism is widely spreading not just as a healthy diet but is also moving into fashion. It seems that those who adopt this way of eating want veganism as a lifestyle, and who can blame them?

Plant-based apparel and accessories are booming and moving into the mainstream industry. But unlike many fads, it is showing signs of staying whether one likes it or not.

What Is Vegan Fashion?

Vegan fashion ranges from clothing, footwear, and accessories that uses no animal-derived products such as silk, wool, leather, bones, feathers, pashmina, angora, cashmere, snakeskin, and horns, among others. If the materials are from any animals, it is not allowed in vegan fashion.

PeopleTree.co.uk - Yellow Dress
PeopleTree.co.uk – Yellow Dress

From vegan leather purses to faux leather jackets, the fashion industry is ditching the animal-based materials. Therefore, if you would like to support vegan fashion, it is wise to learn more about the various animal materials that are typically used in fashion items.

Why Is It So In-Demand?

Vegan fashion is not just a trend anymore as it aligning itself into the ‘new normal’ category. There is more than meets the eye, so let’s delve more in-depth as to why vegan fashion is on the rise.

Consumer Awareness

Vegan fashion stems from people’s concern over the welfare of animals. Indeed, the use of vegan fashion will keep the industry from sourcing materials from farms that use less-than-ethical means of breeding and raising animals. Because this generation is more vocal about their needs and wants, many are demanding accountability from the brands they typically shop from and wear with a vengeance. There is nowhere to go but to follow what the customers want: change.

Laws Against Furs

Because people are demanding the end to animal cruelty, laws are being passed to ban the sale of furs. Animals such as mink are being farmed for high-quality furs to create coats, stoles, and fake eyelashes.

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Because people now consider wearing the skins of animals as barbaric, organisations are putting pressure on the government to make policy changes that influence the fashion industry. Vegan fashion is gradually replacing items procured from animals, offering the public more alternative options to fill wardrobes.

The Need Of Sustainability

Vegan fashion is equivalent to sustainable development. To protect animals, people are switching to plant-derived fabrics and other plant-based materials and recycled plastics.

Organic Clothing

Nowadays, consumers want an organic variety not just for eating, but also for clothing. Plant derivatives such as fruit leaves and waste are always available, which is why vegan clothing and accessories are more likely to be around for a long time.

Vegan Branding

Many people are following veganism. Hence it’s not surprising if there are people behind famous brands that are basking in this lifestyle. Those who support it are now emerging as brands offering a full line of vegan clothing. Even those who are not vegan but are animal-lovers are starting to see the eco-friendly materials as beneficial to planet earth. French designer Emmanuelle Rienda matched her creations with her newfound values connected to veganism in the spirit of activism. She pushed the first Vegan Fashion Week into existence in February last year in Los Angeles.

Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags

Because of climate change and the devastating effect of plastics in the environment, industries are moving away from plastic-based products. Retailers and companies are switching to recyclables apart from vegan materials. Supporters of plastic banning will no doubt also support fashion alternatives using plant materials.

Modern Vegan Looks

While people’s tastes in materials have changed, the need for attractive and stylish clothing hasn’t. Because various manufacturers have found ways to create vegan leather, it can be constructed almost the same way as animal leather.

BraveGentleman.com - Classic suit - Black
BraveGentleman.com – Classic suit – Black

Vegan designers continue to produce sustainable fashion that eco-warriors can be proud of, too. Imagine a whole range of men’s suits in bamboo fibers and shoes in Italian PU leather. It is almost like nothing has changed but the materials themselves.

Plant-Based Shoes

Another fashion creation marvel are shoes. Who would’ve thought that these can be vegan as well? Fashion brands are making use of corn, algae, and natural rubber to create sustainable footwear.

Beyond-Skin.com Jezabel red faux leather vegan ankle boots
Beyond-Skin.com – Jezabel red faux leather vegan ankle boots

It won’t be surprising if you see your favorite athlete sporting vegan shoes since many are designed for casual and sportswear.

In Conclusion

Vegan fashion seems like it is here to stay, primarily because of veganism that is expanding globally. It should not come as a surprise why it would be growing because the vegan lifestyle revolves around the belief of valuing wildlife just as crucial as humanity. Sustainable fashion that uses only plant-based materials are circulating as new creative talents are rising from obscurity to offer fashion alternatives. They genuinely provide Vegans this excellent opportunity; if you believe it, you can now wear it proudly as well!

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