How To Create A Luxurious Design For A Small Space

Having a small space can be very challenging, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything with it. On the contrary, having a small space can lower your bills, make it easier to clean your living space, and make the entire space more cozy and comfortable.

These benefits aside, it can also be easy for a smaller space to feel crowded and utilitarian – a far cry from the luxurious many of us hope our homes will become.

Some people think that having a small space is a bad thing, but it isn’t. A small space can provide a lot of benefits, and one of these is allowing you to make the space feel more luxurious without spending a lot of time and money. The smaller your space is, the easier it’ll be for you to revamp the entire area and make it feel just as you envision.

Here’s how you can create a luxurious design in a smaller space:

Keep It Cozy

Your space will never feel truly luxurious if it’s frequently too hot, cold, or humid. If you can’t just sit in a space comfortably, how will it ever feel welcoming? No one wants to sit there sweating, or freezing themselves – whether it’s you or your family and friends.

Cosy small apartment with bed and sofa in same room

If your current heating & cooling isn’t cutting it, there are some great options available. One of the best solutions available are PTAC (package terminal air conditioners) – the kind used in many hotel rooms. These can help make the space feel luxurious, both by effectively heating and cooling solution, as well as introducing long horizontal lines that look far more modern than a window unit.

Say No To Clutter

One of the easiest ways for you to have a luxurious design is to get rid of clutter regularly. It’ll be challenging for you to achieve that “showroom” look with your belongings strewn all over the place.

You can ensure this doesn’t happen by always saying “no” to clutter. Make sure to invest in proper storage, and keep everything put away in it’s place. Avoid letting mail, magazines, and other documents pile up by storing them in a filing system, or scanning them and recycling the physical copy. If you’re hard-pressed for storage, look into multifunctional furniture with built-in storage and floating shelves which can increase storage without taking up floor space.

Change Your Fixtures

The lighting fixtures you’ll use in your home can make or break its ambiance. Using the inappropriate type of lighting in your home can result in unwanted stress and expense. Overly warm light can make a space feel old fashioned, while colder light can make your space feel industrial and soulless. We have found that daylight-adjusted bulbs often strike the right balance for a modern look that’s still comfortable.

Changing your lighting fixtures is another way to achieve a luxurious design for a small space. Carefully selected light fixtures can fill in small furniture gaps in a way that not only gives you more options (reading light, anyone?), but can also help to tie in a room, such as by reintroducing a metal tone that was used elsewhere in the room.

4.  Paint It Better

Adding a coat of paint to any space can change the character of a room instantly. It will make the space look newer, and allow you to coordinate with the overall palette of the space.

If you have been living in the same space for years, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to it.

Small bright bedroom

Depending on your style and preference, you can choose to paint your space with light or dark tones, or even choose a wacky colour (just be mindful that you may need to paint again before the place changes hands).

Be sure to pay attention to the sheen as well – a matte paint conveys a very different feeling than a high gloss finish.

5.  Carefully Use Mirrors

If you have a small space, mirrors can be your best friend. Once placed in the right places, they can add light to any space and make it feel airier. Furthermore, large mirrors trick your mind into feeling the space is larger than it really is, a real benefit when the actual square footage is smaller.

Using mirrors will make it far easier for you to achieve a luxurious feel to your space. Ideally, you should place mirrors opposite a light source (across from an open window is a great option) or behind furniture to maximize effectiveness.

It’s Easy When You Know How

A lot of individuals want to make their small homes or apartments look luxurious but don’t have any idea on how to do it. Should they buy appliances? Or should they make use of what they have right now? If you had those same questions in your mind, hopefully this article has given you some excellent ideas on how to make your home look and feel like a million bucks.

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