3D Exterior Rendering Services: Your architectural project presentation has never been so exciting

Large modern house 3D rendered design

If you are an architect that’s never considered hiring a 3D exterior rendering company, you need to think again.

Exterior 3D rendering services can help you turn your concepts into digital masterpieces to wow investors and clients. Let’s dive a little deeper into the world of 3D exterior rendering services and why you should be interested in them. 

What does a 3D exterior rendering company do? 

Exterior rendering uses software to create photorealistic and impressive 3D images that enable you to build a visual representation of external space. 3D exterior visualisation services can help you create images of residential buildings, commercial structures like hotels, or even entire landscapes. 

Sometimes these images are the only way of getting a project across the line. Drawings and sketches are fine, but not all clients have the technical knowledge to understand your vision; it certainly doesn’t help them get passionate about the concept. Presenting the exterior as a render solves the problem and makes the entire work flow smoother. Architectural rendering showcases the building from every angle so that it can be analysed in greater detail. You can spot errors and capture the imagination of your investors long before the foundations are even dug. 

How can 3D exterior design rendering services assist with your building design project?

You already know how complex and lengthy the architectural design process can be. 3D exterior design rendering services can be used throughout the entire process by using drawings, blueprints, plans, or rough sketches to create beautiful and realistic models.

Architectural 3D exterior rendering design

It’s a great way of showing your client your designs and implementing changes long before construction starts when changes are still easy to implement. 3D models also capture all of the information about the building, its design, its materials, changes made, etc. There’s no need to rely on paper documents and drawings, making it easier and faster for all parties. 

Who should use visualisation studios?

Architects, space designers, and even real estate developers and marketers can use a 3D visualization studio to boost their sales or test their concepts before construction starts.

  • Architects use 3D renders to adjust and modify their designs as their projects evolve. They can use 3D renders to get client feedback and to see their work “in practice” so that they can test design concepts. 
  • Real estate managers use 3D rendering to promote buildings they are trying to sell by creating attractive and complex images to present to clients. 
  • Entrepreneurs that are involved in the sale of real estate developments will use 3D rendered images for investment presentations. 
  • Builders use 3D models to learn about the work they are going to do before starting work. They can collaborate with architects to make the necessary changes if they spot any flaws in the design. 
  • Homeowners can use 3D rendering to bring their dream home to life. They can describe their wishes to architects who can create a design close to their vision. These images can be used to fine-tune the concept so that the clients are completely happy with the end result. 

What software is used for 3D rendering?

3D artists usually use software like 3ds Max, V-Ray, Corona Render, Photoshop, Sketchup, Lumion, Blender, and Maya. Many famous buildings, including the Apple campus, were created by 3D designers at its inception. 


It takes a good deal of trust in letting an architect design a home. You need to trust that the architect knows what you really want based purely on your verbal description. You may have questions. They may have recommendations. And at the end of the day, the end result may look or feel nothing like what you had envisioned in the beginning.

3D rendering of exterior plan of house and garden

Exterior 3D rendering can change all that. 3D rendering can create an image that conveys the design, mood, atmosphere, and even the surroundings that a building exists in. A 3D exterior rendering company can change the way you and your clients approach a project by creating a realistic depiction of the end result long before you start building. This not only saves time and money but facilitates creative feedback between all parties so that everyone leaves completely happy and satisfied with the end result. 

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