Five Reasons To Run Your Business From London

Five Reasons to Run Your Business from London - City Of London

London is an iconic city, one that millions across the world aspire to live in. It is a fantastic always on city, and if you are in business, it is a great place to be based.

Great for your branding and image

Five Reasons to Run Your Business from London - Abbey Road Street Sign

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Being located in such a vibrant place is great for a firm’s image and brand. People across the world are impressed by a London address.

They know that the city is a hub for innovation and that it is home to some of the biggest and best firms in the world. Their perception is that firms that are based there must be good and offer a good service or products.

There are some great offices to let in Kingston-upon-Thames, Greenwich, The City and many other parts of the capital. Regardless of the type of business you run there is an area of London that is right for you.

Financial firms who base themselves around the City of London and tech firms that base themselves in the Silicon Roundabout area both get an edge over their competitors from other parts of the world.

Great networking opportunities

Five Reasons to Run Your Business from London - Dalston Roof Park

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Basing yourself in areas like this allows you to network with others in your industry and related industries.

It also helps to keep you abreast of change and make sure that you are in the right place at the right time when big contracts are up for grabs. Often these contracts result in the chance to work as a sub-contractor.

Access to a huge customer base

The city is home to 8.3 million people and 4.9 million businesses. Every working day 24.3 million people work in the city and over 16.8 million tourists visit the city each year.

That means that there is a huge pool of potential customers for you and your firm to take advantage of and sell your products and services to.

Easy to get to

Five Reasons to Run Your Business from London - London City Airport

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Add in the fact that the city is easy to get to from any part of the world and the pool of potential customers for London based firms is literally endless.

London’s airports bring people in from across the world, and the city’s great road and rail networks make it easy for people from across the UK to get to the city.

It is fun

Last and by no means least London is fun. The city is a vibrant cultural hub as well as being home to the best restaurants, clubs and party venues. It is easy to entertain and impress clients in a city like this.

Being based somewhere like London makes it easy to attract the best people. London is a city that people aspire to work in, so recruiting well-qualified people is far easier than it is in quieter, less vibrant and interesting cities and towns.

If you are looking for a new base, London should definitely be at the top of your list of potential locations. There are some great new office buildings opening in the city, so, at the moment, there is plenty of capacity for new firms to come to London.

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