Where Should I Place My Air Conditioning Unit?

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Now that you have bought what for you is the best air conditioning unit for your space, the next thing you should do is to determine where to install it.

The correct air conditioning placement will allow you to maximise the performance of your unit. It also helps to avoid skyrocketing energy consumption due to an inefficient AC system.

The list below explains how you should place your air conditioning unit in the right place, as recommended by trusted air conditioning Southampton providers. 

Install the indoor unit away from light bulbs

It is a common mistake to place the air conditioner’s indoor unit beside a light bulb. Your air conditioner will work harder than necessary to meet your desired temperature as the heat from the light bulb keeps messing with the AC thermostat. The thermostat will think that the indoor air is not cool enough. As a result, you need to pay for costly monthly electricity.

Place it high enough to perform better

Installing your air conditioning unit higher is the basic rule of aircon placement. Since warm air ascends and cool air descends, position your AC higher. This way, the cool air doesn’t go down in vain.

Open air conditioning unit high up on wall

People who place their air conditioners too low end up paying higher for electricity. To achieve your desired outcome, position your unit at a higher altitude. It also helps to cool air faster.

Position the outdoor unit in the shade

Another thing to consider when installing an air conditioning unit is to place the outdoor unit in the shade. Otherwise, your aircon unit will have to work harder than usual to cool your air. It is particularly true when you place the outdoor unit where sunlight directly hits.

Don’t commit this mistake to avoid paying a high electricity bill at the end of every month. Exposing your outdoor unit to direct sunlight typically causes mechanical problems to ACs, too, making the unit work more. So, place your aircon’s outdoor unit in a shaded and cool area as much as possible.

But, if avoiding sunlight is not an option, adding a sun visor to the outdoor unit may suffice. It helps reduce heat absorption and reduce possible maintenance and power costs.

Ensure that the outdoor unit is well ventilated

Your AC’s outdoor unit should be placed in a shaded area and a spot with good ventilation. Paying attention to where you put the outdoor unit is also imperative to optimise the performance of your air conditioning system.

Technician checking outdoor air conditioning unit

A well-ventilated area provides better airflow, which allows the outdoor unit to work efficiently. The outdoor unit is the one sucking the air outside the building before the main unit cools the air and distributes it indoors. If the unit is already installed, clear the surrounding area from any obstruction from time to time to ensure better airflow.


Overall, the placement of your air conditioning unit impacts its performance. Consider the tips we mentioned earlier to make the most out of your air conditioner.

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