Moving To The UK? Here Is What You Need To Know

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at night in London, UK

Leaving your country, home, and friends to move to another country is not easy. But some countries are worth going through this adventure – and the UK is no exception. If you are planning to move to the UK, it is a good idea.

With the UK’s high quality education, good healthcare system, untouched natural beauty, lovely countryside charm, and Victorian elegance, the UK has been the love of many immigrants. Every year many expats come here to submerge in the unique charisma of this land. So, no wonder that you have also decided to move to here.

If you’re considering moving to the UK from the US then you will find it needs more than a visa, a guide magazine, and hiring a moving company. Both the countries might have some similarities, but the UK has a whole different culture. It is better to know a few things about this ‘Great’ Country other than Buckingham Palace and the London Eye.

White cliffs of Dover, UK.
White cliffs of Dover, UK.

The list below highlights some facts about the UK you should know before moving to avoid any culture shocks and make your move the best decision of life.

1. Be Prepared for the Diverse Accents

When you think of the British accent, a particular type of accent comes to mind – the queens English! All thanks to the Hollywood movies, TikTok videos, and memes. But to your dismay, you will not find all Britishers speaking in the oh-so-British accents. Well, it doesn’t mean you will not hear this accent, but not as often as you might expect.

Most regions have their own particular accents. You might end up having difficulty understanding certain accents. This can happen more often the furter up North you travel. But don’t worry! Slowly, but surely, you will get familiar with these accents.

2. Countryside will Bewitch You

Most people move to the UK with a dream to live in the bustling cities of London or Manchester. But the countryside has hidden gems in the forms of charming towns and villages. Remember those old era English movies? The UK’s countryside still holds that captivating beauty.

Lake and hills in the Lake District Cumbria
Lake District Cumbria, UK

From the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, and the Scottish Highlands to the White Cliffs of Dover, you will find every natural landmark here. So, once you arrive in the UK, get ready to see an abundence of natural beauty.

3. Get Ready to Widen Your Lexicon

Brits have a variety of names for many things. You might call a bread roll, a bread roll in your hometown, but once you are in the UK, a bread roll will take on many names. So, if someone says butty, barm cake, or bap, they will be referring to a bread roll. The bread roll is not the only case.

Instead of getting confused, it’s best to simply ask if they are the same thing. Better still if you can before you arrive in different parts of the country you will hopefully find each transition easier.

4. Win Hearts with Humbleness

Whisper: Do you want to know the key to win Brits’ hearts? Be polite and stay humble. That’s like a rule of thumb here.

Old stone bridge with cottage covered in red leaves in Pont Fawr Wales
Pont Fawr Wales, UK.

People in the UK dislike self-praising attitudes. Start telling them how big of a  deal you are, and they will not be as interested in what you have to say. Besides humbleness, Brits also like politeness. A single word can save you from many mistakes and difficult situations. Just say ‘please’ and you will find people more accommodating.

5. Sunday Dinner is a Feast

For many a good reason, Sunday dinner in the UK is a family occasion, where people take time to be together, catch up and enjoy a hearty meal. The Sunday dinner is more like a feast, with roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings the star of the show.

So, if you are a foodie, then you might find you have a soft spot for Sundays while in the UK. Up and down the UK the streets are filled with the mouthwatering smell of a roast dinner cooking. What’s not to love!

These are just a few glimpses of the small differences you may experience once settled here in the UK. Some things will be just like they are bake in the USA, others may be a little bit confusing. But amidst this whole new experience, you will find the UK a lovely place to live.

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