12 Tips for Your Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Are you excited by sharp, clean lines? Do you want a cool, contemporary kitchen space that quite simply takes your breath away?

Nothing looks sleeker than a contemporary handleless style kitchen, but if you really want a kitchen with the wow-factor, you’ll need to pay attention to more than the cabinetry.

While your streamlined cabinetry is certainly the main artistic statement of your overall kitchen design, it’s the fine added details that bring real wow-factor to your kitchen interior. The sink and taps are a defining feature in any contemporary kitchen, and their selection should be treated with the same care and attention to detail as the big players in the kitchen, such as cabinetry, worktops, flooring, décor and appliances.

To help you bring that extra pizzazz into your contemporary kitchen remodel, we’ve put together a guide for choosing taps. Little details can make a big impression.

Splash out on cool, contemporary taps

It’s a false economy to buy cheap, standard taps, and it’s a sure way to miss out on an interesting design feature that could lift your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary. Something as simple as your kitchen mixer tap can make all the difference to the overall design statement you are trying to achieve.

Choosing a tap seems simple, doesn’t it? But with so many different styles to choose from, how do you know which one will make the kind of statement you want it to? There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to choosing kitchen taps. You’ll need to consider the style of tap, the shape, whether you want a single lever tap or two handles, the type of mount, and what finish will complement your kitchen style. And if that’s not enough to have to think about, faucet functionality is just as important too.

For a fabulous faucet to complement your contemporary kitchen follow our 12 top tap tips:

  1. Choose a tap design that will blend seamlessly with your overall kitchen design.
  1. Minimalist taps with sharp, clean lines work best in contemporary kitchens.
  1. Think about the type of finish. Do you prefer polished chrome, brushed stainless steel, bare brass or bright copper? If you are dead set on creating a cohesive and harmonious flow, it’s often a good idea to choose a finish to match appliances (think matt or high shine). There are no rules; contrast can work equally well and adds a cheeky twist.
  1. Taps aren’t all regular chrome or stainless steel, they come in brass, copper and colourful enamel too. Black taps ooze show-stopping appeal. Taps in eye-popping colours will instantly catch the eye.
  1. Consider swivel spouts and directional nozzles. Kitchens aren’t just about style. They need to function perfectly too. If you really want to make your life in the kitchen easier, functionality should be high on the list when you are selecting taps for your kitchen remodel. Swivel spouts and directional nozzles are almost a must-have. It’s an essential feature for any aspiring chef, and makes cleaning heavy duty kitchen pots a doddle.

  1. Consider kitting your kitchen out with an under-the-sink water filter. It will give your family safe drinking water, make your tap water taste good, and save you the hassle of having to buy in bottles of the stuff.
  1. A tap that dispenses boiling water is another clever addition to today’s modern kitchen. If you are precious about clear, clutter-free worktops, a hot water tap will allow you to dispense with a kettle.
  1. Add an LED-lit nozzle to your must-have list. Lights change colour with the temperature of the water, so you’ll be able to avoid accidental scalds with your visual water temperature cue. LED-lit taps are a pretty cool feature, and will certainly raise some eyebrows.
  1. Water saving taps sound like a bit of a contradiction. You do after all want water to come out of them! But, taps with aerators or flow restriction valves will help you to reduce the amount of water you waste. It’s a great functional feature for the environmentally conscious household.
  1. Brass has made it into bathrooms, and its sneaking into kitchens too (check out the taps in some of the most exclusive hotel rooms – taps in the Ritz Paris are genuine gold leaf!). The next brave interior design move is to bling it out as bold as brass in the kitchen. Chrome still reigns supreme if you want to keep it that way, but hey you wanted pizzazz, right? Sharp angular lines work in the contemporary kitchen, but don’t rule out brass. An antique brass tap can soften dramatic lines and make an interesting feature.
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